Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun Under The Sea : Evie Turns 3!

Recently we celebrated my cute little niece Evie!! She turned three this April and wanted a Nemo themed birthday party, and that is exactly what she got! Bethy and Jenny did a fabulous job with the decorations, I helped a little bit with the coral reef which was fun to make. (every single one of these photos are from Bethy)

Bethy did a themed photo shoot the week before and all the pictures were displayed on Jenny's hutch they all turned out soooooo cute!

Jenny was very clever and incorporated a lot of little things from the movie in the decorations. Like these little fishy bags, so fun!

Jenny and Nora made these super cute jelly fish and then used clear balloons to look like bubbles, it was perfect!

I bought a special guest with me, Vincent, my pet beta fish. I figured he went along with the theme and would be a fun little addition. The girls were totally captivated by him. He is still camera shy, but we still like him.

Jenny did a great job with the food! We had these cute hot dog octopuses, fruit jello and gluten free macaroni and cheese which was sooooo good! I got seconds! Jens always has such cute and fun buffets at her parties, she is so creative.

I was blown away by Evie's cupcake tower. Jenny decorated each cupcake and they were all so detailed it was amazing! And everything was all gluten free. She is so awesome, her kids are lucky.

After presents Beth brought out a bubble machine that she had brought and boy did the girls have a good time with that! These pictures are like the documentation of joy personified.

Beth had brought all her swimming and scuba gear to take funny pictures with, they turned out so great haha you can't help but at least smile a little bit when you look at these. They were really fun to take.

Then we all went fishing! The ocean we were fishing in had all sorts of stuff in it, you never knew what you were going to catch. Some of the things we pulled up were a sock, an empty soda can, a shopping bag, some TP, and there were quite a few pieces of paper that happened to have funny under the sea jokes on them. But we were all persistent and fished until we got these cute little fishy soaps! They were sooooo cute!

I love my little memento of such a fun night! Jenny did a great job with everything! The birthday girl was a very happy happy girl. I love Evie! I am so glad I get to be her aunt! I can't wait for the other two Griffin birthdays that are coming up in the near future!

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  1. What a FUN party! I'll have to remember all those cute ideas. Wish we could have been there:)