Friday, December 31, 2010

A Harry Potter Birthday

Bethy had the most magical Harry Potter birthday party this year. For the invitations she made everyone a maurders map that was the map of her neighborhood and Thanksgiving Point which is where we went to see the newest Harry Potter movie. Since Harry and his friends didn't go back to Hogwarts in the last book and spend most of their time camping while they were looking for horcruxes, Bethy set up a huge white tent in her photo studio for all her guests to have lunch in. (I got all of these pictures from the birthday girl herself)

Cassandra and Erick made this amazing cake designed to fit in the camping theme, it was a coconut cream cake that was delectable!

Everyone was assigned a character to come dressed up as Nick Weight was Lupin

Nick B. was Sirius

We all got wands as we arrived

Laura was Umbridge

Jenny was Luna, Mike was Neville and Sam was Crookshanks

Notice the griffins on mike's tie, very appropriate on so many levels, and Jenny made these radish earrings, they were perfect!

We all got movie bags full of treats to enjoy at the theater, they were labeled Death Eaters and Order of the Phoenix.

Kelly was Moaning Myrtle

I was Nymphadora Tonks

Lunch was served in lunch pails

Bethy was Bellatrix Lastrange

Lunch consisted of shepherd pies, gilly weed salad, sweet potato chips, lightening bolt cookies (Nick and I made those) and lip smacking good butter beer to drink! Oh it was all sooo good!

After lunch we played a Harry Potter trivia game. I had been doing my homework all week long so that I would know all the answers and help my team win! All my work paid off and my team totally won! For Prizes Bethy got all of the horcruxes so everyone on the team got one of the seven pieces of Voldemorts soul. I got the locket and Nick got Tom Riddles journal.

Cassandra was Hermione and Erick was Ron. He totally committed to his character and dyed his hair red

Libby was Narcissa Malfoy

Reece was Mad Eye Moody

Jared was a dementor

Josh was Hagrid and Crystal was Tralawny

Then we went to see the newest Harry Potter, the first part of the seventh book, it was soooo GOOD! I loved it and can't wait to see it again and can't wait until July for the second part to come out. Our goodie bags were so perfect that had all sorts of treats that were on the candy trolley on the Hogwarts Express.

We didn't have as much time to take silly themed pictures like we did for the Twilight movie party but we did have time for a couple. This picture shows are reaction to when Bethy's character, Bellatrix is being super evil, we are ashamed and disappointed.

After the movie we came back to our tent and had cake and ice cream. The meringue mushrooms on the cake were sooo good! Cassandra and Erick thought of every detail and even covered the bottom of the mushroom tops with chocolate then drew gills. It was a totally magical experience I loved every minute of it! Happy Birthday Bethany Lastrange!


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