Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Ahwahnee Hotel

We had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to stay at the beautiful Ahwahnee Hotel during our short stay at Yosemite National Park.  The hotel opened in 1927 and became a National Historic Landmark in 1987.  It is so fun to stay at this lovely hotel, if I ever get lucky enough to get to stay there again I would love to come visit during the winter time, it is has the perfect lodge-y feeling that would be the perfect getaway during the winter.

The main hall was my favorite part of the hotel.  It is a ginormous room filled with couches, comfy chairs, candle filled chandeliers and big fireplaces.  It is so cozy, I could have spent hours reading in there.  The hotel hosts an afternoon tea in the main hall, open to all guests every afternoon.  We made sure to stop by after our exciting day in the park.  I chose to enjoy a cup of herbal lemon rose tea.

The dining room was exquisite.  It was a beautiful sight all lit up for dinner, every table had a single long candle as the center piece.  We also ate breakfast in this dining room, and I would enjoy a big cup of hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream, every morning. The food served there was so delicious!

China Town and Golden Gate

Our next day in The City started nice and early.  We headed to China town to do a little antique and gift shopping.  The street was all decked out for some reason, it was fun and festive and I loved it all.

Then we saw a few of the famous sights.  We stopped by the Painted Ladies and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.

When we used to travel to San Fransisco when I was little we always ate at this fun Moroccan restaurant, but unfortunately it went out of business so the last few times we have visited we haven't been able to eat there.  On this trip, we had the idea to look and see if we could find another Moroccan restaurant near by and we found this amazing place, it had a lot the same things we loved about our old Moroccan place!

We began by washing our hands with water scented with the orange blossom water and lavender.

Pouring traditional Moroccan herbal mint tea

They had a belly dancer come and perform a couple of numbers during our meal!

The food was all so amazing!  And they were so wonderful about dealing with my gluten allergy.  They even made me a special gluten free dessert!

And that was our last day in the big city.  The next day we got up nice and early and drove to the one and only beautiful Yosemite National Park.

San Fransisco Wharf

This past September I had the opportunity to take the most amazing trip to California.  We started in San Fransisco and worked our way down the coast and eventually ended in L.A.  It.  Was.  Fabulous!  It encompassed any type of vacation destination I could have ever dreamed of, we hit a couple of big cities, spent a few nights in a National Park, and enjoyed a couple beautiful beach side towns.  Our hotel in San Fransisco made their own French macaroons daily, so we enjoyed some delicious sweets everyday, they are pictured above in front of the view I had from my hotel window.

Our first day in The City was spent riding the trolley to the wharf, and enjoying the sea salted air and sea side shops.  We made sure we got the best seats on the trolley, hanging out the side.

We spent quite a while hanging out with the sea lions on Pier 39, they are hilarious.

After our strenuous day of strolling the pier and enjoying the shops, we had to stop by Ghirardelli's to get a couple of their famous ice cream sundaes.  I got a decadent chocolate peanut butter sundae while my dad got a refreshing chocolate covered strawberry sundae.  Both were absolutely delicious.

After our healthy lunch, we headed back to the hotel for a little nap before dinner.  Tonight we walked to this adorable, little ally full of restaurants to find a place to eat for dinner.  After browsing through our options we decided on this wonderful french restaurant.  We sat outside and enjoyed the festive atmosphere and the warm city air. Everything we all ordered was so delicious! 

For dessert I ordered their sample dish of french macaroons, they are my favorite cookie and I can never get enough of them!

One of the macaroons was peach flavored and it was THE BEST MACAROON IN THE WORLD.  I couldn't even handle how delicious that little cookie was, I doubt I will ever find another macaroon that is as delectable as that little guy was.