Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boarding the Disney Wonder

We all sprang from our beds at 5 am Monday morning, fueled with excitement!  The day to board our ship for our Alaskan cruise had FINALLY arrived!  Here is me and Sammy all excited on our way to the airport!

We flew to Seattle where we boarded a Disney shuttle that drove us to our ship.  I love Seattle so much and would have loved to have had one day to spend in the city, but there was no time for that, so I snapped a couple of pictures out the window of the shuttle as we zoomed past all the beautiful scenery.

After the hectic check in process, we got to take a picture with Mickey, in his stylin cruise director outfit!  Let the Disney pictures begin to flow like rain!
And here is the typical boarding-the-ship-after-traveling-like-mad-people-freakishly-Early-in-the-morning picture.  I must admit, we all look pretty good!
Individual family picture time

The four seesters!!
After what seemed like ages we were finally allowed to check into our state room.  They were wonderful rooms, with plenty of room and a fun balcony.  Bethy and I were roommates just like the good old days.

Here are a few of the charming Disney Details that I found in our room decor...

How adorable is this picture of Walt and his Wife!  It was hanging in our room.
After a quick pick-me-up nap we headed up to the deck for the bon voyage party!  And boy! It sure was a party, that is one of the numerous fun things about Disney cruises, everything is always very well attended
All the Disney characters were there to send us off in style.

We spotted the Griffins from across the deck!

The view of Seattle as we pushed off to sea!
After the party, Bethy and I took to exploring the ship!  Here is the main pool, look at all those crazy kids already in the pool in the cool weather.
While we were walking the decks, the cruise photographer snapped this picture of us.  It wasn't cute enough to actually buy the print, but it was worth including this picture of it.

The artwork and interior design of the ship had all sorts of art nouveau hints which I absolutely adored.  That is one of my favorite styles of art.  This picture was in a stairwell close by our rooms, so we got to pass by it almost every day.

All the different mediums of art
Another one of my favorite pieces of artwork on the ship
Another little Disney Detail that I thought was cute

And here is the main atrium/lobby area.  They are always the most impressive parts of any cruise ship.

Route 66 was the "adults only" part of the ship where all the "adult entertainment" was.

They had these awesome vintage billboards all up and down the halls.  I thought they were adorable.

Here is the Cadillac Lounge, I thought the decorations in here were so fun.

Loved catching this candid moment of a complete stranger. Look how happy the kid is to be hugging Mickey.  So adorable.

Yet another fun Disney Detail
This picture was in the hallway of one of the decks, I thought it was such an awesome photo!
Then it was time to meet up with the rest of the family for the predinner show at the classy Walt Disney Theatre.

Look for the Disney Detail... I am obsessed with how they have worked them in everywhere!

The kids were captivated by all the shows!  (of course no pictures were allowed during the performances)
Then we came back to our room and got ready for our fist dinner at sea
Our first dinner was in the Triton's restaurant.  There were three restaurants and we rotated between all three all week long, our cute servers were the same at every place though.

For dinner tonight I had french onion soup as an appetizer, one of my favorite types of soup
Creamy crab pasta for the main course

This mosaic at the back of the restaurant was so magical!

After dinner we took a stroll through the Disney and Pixar art gallery.  How awesome are these Pixar pictures!
Yes, I am going to be one of those people that posts a picture of every towel animal we came home to.  Tonight it was a cute little bunny
And a pillow and chocolates to help us fall to sleep, another fabulous Disney Detail