Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not Your Average Twilight Midnight Showing Party

So as soon as we found out when the new Twilight movie was being released we decided then and there it was a perfect occasion to throw a party. Bethy hosted it at her lovely house which is always so fun for parties. She decorated it in a classy Twilight fashion and put together a wonderful buffet. She had mushroom ravioli, since that is what Bella ordered on her and Edward's first official date in the first book and movie, as well as vegetarian burgers since the Cullens are "vegetarian" vampires. Then she made the cutest warewolf cupcakes that were ever made as well as red velvet "bloody" cupcakes to represent the vampires. She had a very cool drink bar full of all kinds of vampire delights.

The main activity was being made over into vampires and then having a photo shoot as a vampire. On America's Next Top Model hey had an episode where they were all made into vampires for a photo shoot. The photographer that was in charge of the shoot happened to be Sarah Silver, the photographer that Bethy interned with in New York, so we modeled our photo shoot and models after that episode. We like taking pictures and it pays to have a pro photographer come up with these cool photo shoots, as well as pro make up girls to do our make up. Thanks to Angie and Laura for all the make up you guys are the best!

Then it was time for the midnight showing of Eclipse!!! We were so excited! Luckily Bethy, Libby and Cassandra have THE NICEST husbands ever who went and stood in line at the theater while we were having fun with make up. They actually had ladies taking pictures of them waiting in line to show to their husbands how nice these guys are haha they seriously are the best and saved the day! Bethy had put together these cute movie goodie bags for everyone to enjoy while watching the movie. They had popcorn, licorice, big hunk bars, fire and ice eclipse gum (symbolizing firey hot warewolves and icey cold vampires) and lots of other fun Twilight themed goodies!

I happened to sit on the same row as Shelly Paulson! She was my roommate on my study abroad in Italy, it was so fun to see her and catch up!! She is definitely one of my favorites!

So we had a lot of time to spare before the movie started and we had a camera ... thus we took lots and lots of awesome silly pictures. Another item that was in our goody bags were a set of plastic vampire teeth that became props for these silly pictures, Bethy could make hers look normal, mine on the other hand ... struggled ... big time ...

Notice I chose fire, which symbolized Jacob. That was planned.

After a while we started to get into our good old themed pictures which I personally find hilarious, the theme of this one is Jacob just came on screen and took his shirt off.

Edward just took his shirt off after we had been staring at Jacob's body for an entire movie

Bella is on screen saying something lame like she always does

Jacob just came over and started talking to us

Edward butt into the our conversation

We just found out that our significant other is a vampire

When I got home I wanted to make sure to document my awesome make up cause I will never be able to make it look that cool. I probably look more like a vampire here because my eyes are so red from being up at 4 in the morning.