Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family Fun

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had the best subject matter to capture for further photography practice, my adorable nieces Norah and Evie. They are the sweetest little girls and I loved having the opportunity to live with them over the holiday, they made me feel like the best photographer ever since any picture of them is adorable and priceless. Here are a few of my favorites. One day Norah went shopping with grandpop and came home with a red balloon, she was eager to have her picture taken with it, and I was eager to take the pictures.

The day after Thanksgiving was family picture day up in park city. I was in charge of taking the candids, we like to refer to them as Kate's candids,we think alliteration is cool. I will brag and say my family is adorable and wonderful. I feel these capture the feelings that accompany family picture day ... some which are positive and fun but also the inevitable frustration that comes from trying to photograph so many people in the middle of the street in park city. Literally that is what we did and had to be on car alert and move quickly to get some good shots haha it was hilarious.

Its amazing how endlessly fascinating a railing can become to a little kid when someone is in front of them trying to take their picture.

eating gum drops which were this years bribe to make happy children to photograph, they were almost effective.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet Haven

Since I have been bogged down with midterms and research papers and cold weather I have been dreaming of the California get away that my family got to enjoy this summer. We rented a house in Santa Barbra that my entire family played at for a week. It was honestly the best, I miss it with all my heart. It was gorgeous and perfect in every way. What I wouldn't give to be back there right now.

There was a gorgeous living room that was parallel to a garden type family room that was complete bliss. It had vines that covered the walls and ceilings that came in from outside which were awesome.

This was the master bedroom that my parents got to enjoy and below are examples of what our rooms looked like, they were perfect places to relax.

This is the stunning dining room, we never got to dine in here, too many little kids endangered the antiques but this is the room in which my family's obsession with ticket to ride was born.

The kitchen and some of the bathrooms had the quaint feel from the 1930s which was when this dream house was built.

The grounds were absolutely amazing, B E A Utiful!! The pool was my favorite, a complete sanctuary!

There was a cute little cottage guest house on the grounds where everything was miniature it was adorable. It was right next to the chicken coop! This place inspired me to have chickens when i get a house of my own, they were so cute and were basically pets, we would go hold them everyday and collect fresh eggs every morning.

This is an example of the beautiful scenes that we would enjoy on our drives to our numerous excursions, such a pretty place, I want to go back so bad and escape the stress of finals!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventures in photo taking

So I got a sweet camera for my birthday and I have been busy experimenting with it and figuring out how it works. My first goal is to fully understand the white balance, ISO and aperture and to develop my artistic eye. So this is what I have captured so far, keep in mind these were more of experiments to help get acquainted with the settings on my new friend. To add a different dimension to my images I have assigned each photo one word to describe what I see when I look at them which might give you a little insight to my quirky personality, but that's what makes the art world awesome.