Thursday, June 21, 2012

Party on Mount Olympus

Last but not certainly not least, we celebrated cute Nora's birthday.  She had picked Pegasus as the theme she wanted for her birthday.  hmmmm Pegasus, how do you throw a Pegasus themed party ....? well scroll through the pictures and we will show you!

We went in a Greek plus mount Olympus plus clouds plus mythology sort of direction, and combined all those elements to make one amazing party.  This theme was right up my ally, I LOVE Greek mythology!

We also included lots of feathers since Pegasus' wings are an important part of what sets him apart from unicorns and just regular old horses...

As usual bethy brought fun and unique balloons.  Balloons really make any party super festive.  This time some of the balloons had big gold confetti in it .... They kind of look like Greek coins to me
And she had them put feathers in others, how cool is that!

Nora's Greek birthday girl throne

Grammy let Nora open one present early....
A super awesome stuffed representation of the horse himself!
Gold star confetti
On one of my numerous visits to the craft store I found some edible gold spray paint.  Can you say amazing!!  I snatched up a bottle when I found it and have been waiting for any excuse to use it.  Bethy thought it would be cool to spray paint bunches of grapes to make edible center pieces ... How neat are they?!

This is the product itself, it is so fun to use!  I found it at Michael's craft store.

Bethy made these cute little favors to put at everyone's place at the table.
So if you look at my blog often you know that Jens makes the most amazing birthday cakes for all of her kids' parties.  Here is the cake she made for this party ... I was obsessed with it.  I thought it was GORGEOUS!  and just so awesome in every way, so I took a bazillion pictures of it.

Look how cool that ombre is!
The buffet was all Greek inspired food, SO GOOD!  Jens even found ground lamb for the gyros, she really goes the extra mile to make her parties amazing for her kiddos.

It was like being right back in the center of Athens
I had a little spy teasing me while I ate ...

After dinner it was time for presents!!

I love how the siblings get just as {or maybe even a little bit more} excited when the presents are revealed!
Sam would steal a little sit on the throne whenever he could.
Some of the presents had gold tinsel inside, and boy the little kids LOVED it!

Nora got right to work on one of her presents.  These scratch art things were one of my favorite crafts as a child.  I had the hardest time not taking it away from Nora and completing it myself haha

After presents it was time to dive into that delectable cake!
Nora's birthday in on May 31st and Marolynn's birthday is on June 1st.  So Jens made a special batch of chocolate GF cupcakes for Marolynn.

Politely and patiently waiting for her cake ...

Nora had requested for her cake to be cherry flavored, so that is what her sweet mom made for her.
Then it was time for our Grecian photo booth.  We got some really fun pictures!

"We are the muses.  Goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of Heroes ...."

Random candid photo that I thought was funny

Jenny had prepared a little fun short quiz for that last activity of the night.  The questions were all about Greek mythology and Greek art and architecture.  She had visuals from the Disney movie Hercules for every question.  Since we were at a kids approved birthday party, Jens asked for the Disney answer rather then the real myth answer on some questions since we all know those myths could get a little risque ..... haha  She did a really great job on it, it was so fun!
We were all divided into teams and were awarded medals according to where we placed.  Beth, Reece and Evie got the gold
Mike, Marilyn and I got the silver
Mom, Dad and Nora got the bronze.
All the Griffin parties have been so great this year!  Birthday season at their house is always a fun time of year!  Thanks Griffin family for being so awesome!


  1. So awesome! Do you know where you got the podium columns for the cake? Thanks :)

  2. They have them at Michaels

  3. So cute! Was wondering where you got the large columns? thanks!

    1. Thanks! We ordered the large columns from Oriental Trading Company

  4. Replies
    1. The "sky" is blue jello and the "clouds" are whipped cream!

  5. I really like the blue and white cards that had the names of your food- where would I buy that pattern? Is that card stock?

    1. Thanks! My sister created the food labels in Photoshop Elements. The Greek key design is a digital paper pack she bought, called Meandros by Lilly Bimble, and the font is called Diogenes. And yes, she printed them out on cardstock. Hope that helps!

    2. Here is the link to the digital paper pack:

  6. How'd you make the pillars behind the unwrapping chair?

    1. We ordered them online from Oriental Trading Company. They are cardboard and you put them together when they arrive in the mail.