Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vegas, Vegas Baby

I spent this past holiday weekend with Chelsie and Laura relaxing in the fun town of Vegas and had a toal blast. It started off a little rocky .... we got to our hotel, The Flamingo, at 2 am and they couldn't get us into a clean room until 4 IN THE MORNING. Those two hours of waiting were probably the 2 longest hours of my life, BUT we did get a room upgrade with the most fabulous view of the strip, which is pictured above, and 80 dollars in food vouchers. So, in my mind, it turned out to be totally worth it!

My pictures got a little out of order and the computer at work isn't letting me change their order so I will work that out later .... Our room was pretty cute, it was one of the newly redone ones thank goodness! The only downside of our nice upgraded room was there was only one bed ... and three of us ... we attempted all three in the bed the first night then abandoned that idea and sweet chelsie slept on a make shift bed on the floor. I thought our bathroom was hilarious with it's bright pink color scheme. It has pink and green ambiance lights and a tv in the mirror so you could watch tv while you got ready, how genious, we didn't ever use it, but still, it was always an option.

We surprisingly got up fairly early the next day, so Chelsie and I went down to the pool to check out the scene. There was already a huge line of people waiting to get into the pool so we rushed back up to the room, got into our swimsuits grabbed our tanning oil and headed back down to join the party! We got a fabulous spot right up next to the water of a smaller, more private pool, it was glorious! We spent some of our food vouchers to get yummy strawberry smoothies and nachos, it felt great not to have to spend any money on those! The pool was so much fun! There were three main pools, the main pool had three waterfalls that we had fun playing in.

By the afternoon I was astounded by how many people were in the pool, it was filled to the max! You could barely see the water in the main pool! It looked like a party scene in a highschool flick or a youtube video of spring break somewhere, but I guess that's just a normal saturday at a vegas pool is, it was a fun atmosphere. Later in the day we had a surprise vistor come to the Flamingo pool... Vanilla Ice himself came to take pictures with all of us pool goers! I thought it was super random but was such a happy girl to get a picture with Vanilla Ice's arm around me. Vanilla is such a nice guy, he took the time to get pictures with everyone that wanted one and was just nice to talk to, plus he was wearing delicious smelling cologne... Meeting the one and only Vanilla Ice was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

After our day at the pool we got ready for our night out on the town. For our first stop, we headed right across the street to Ceasars to go shopping at the huge H & M located in the Forum Shops. I love that store so much and I found some fantastic things that I just love! After our shopping trip we headed down the hall to the Cheesecake Factory to get dinner, oh how I love that place! It was divine!

I had to try a slot, just to see what they are all about. Needless to say, I don't understand the appeal, it took my dollar from me like it was taking candy from a baby.

After we were too tired to go any further, we returned to our cute little room to chat it up like girls always do on sleep overs. We discovered that we could watch the Bellagio fountain shows from our window! Seriously, we have the BEST location and the definitely the BEST view.

Chocolate coconut cheesecake in bed, the perfect sweet ending to such a fantastic day!

The next day we made sure to get to the pool as early as we could wake up and reserve some lounge chairs, then go and get ready. We also used the rest of our food vouchers on a wonderfully huge breakfast. I got yummy eggs benedict drenched in tangy hollandaise sauce. Then it was another pool filled day. Pretty sure today was a lot hotter then yesterday I could barely stand to be out of the pool for 5 minutes before I melted away. The pool wasn't nearly as packed as it was yesterday and there weren't any random celebrity drop ins, so it was a nice, relaxing lay-out-and-get-a -tan type of day.

Right next to the pool is a little wild life habitat where they keep their mascots, the flamingos, so I had to take pictures of them. It would be a crime to stay in their hotel and not document them, so I did. There were also other types of cool animals/birds such as turtles, duckies, the biggest koi I have ever seen in my life, and a lot of different species of birds.

Then we got ready for another night out in the city of lights. One of my favorite features of our hotel room was a chaise that was right up next to the window. It was the most comfortable place to just lay down and relax while we waited for everyone to be ready to go out on the town.

We found this little guy while cruising around the strip, he is so adorable.

We had a fun time walking around the beautiful Venitian hotel. Rumor had it that the Kardashians were staying there that weekend ...

I know this is a random picture but I just thought this mirror was fantastic and felt the need to take a picture of it and maybe one day attempt to recreate it somehow

After the Venitian we crossed the street to the Fashion Show Mall and got dinner at CPK. I got a delightful carmalized peach salad that was a perfect dinner for such a hot day! Then we walked over to the Bellagio to see their amazing garden display It. Was. Incredible. Best Bellagio garden display I have ever seen, it was completely magical. We decided the theme was summer time in the USA and it was absolutely enchanting.

They had the most colorful parrots I have ever seen as the attraction in the green house. They were all sleepy little birdies and were huddled in pairs catching some Z's, I thought they were adorable. The pair in the first picture was my favorite, they were right in front smashed up against the glass sleeping the night away.

The Chiuly ceiling in the Bellagio lobby is one of my favorite things in the world. I can't walk past it and not take a picture of it so every post I do about vegas has a picture of it somewhere, but whatever, it's cool and I just love it. Then we headed outside to get a good spot to watch one of the fountain shows. I love those, the Belaggio just has the best attractions, props to them for being so awesome.

The next day we had to pack up and say goodbye to our hotel, we had to get one more picture in front of the pool before we left. Then we walked across the street to Serendipity to get some breakfast. I am willing to say that it was probably one of the best breakfasts I have had in my enitre life. We of course got a frozen hot chocolate to share, you can't go to Serendipty and not indulge in a frozen hot chocolate, that would just be wrong. Then I got banana cream waffles that had berries, chocolate and whipped cream on top. So. Divine. I didn't ever want to stop eating them, but I had to eventually because I was about to pop. Laura got frozen hot chocolate french toast which were piled high and just epic and Chelsie got the fresh fruit plate that look equally as good. It was the perfect end to such a fun vacation. I loved every minute of our little Vegas get away and can't wait to do it again someday! Thanks girls for such a fun time!