Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SBL #48 - Go to a Carnival

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Bethy and I spontaneously went to the Strawberry Days carnival this past Saturday afternoon.  Strawberry Day's is one of my most favorite things about summer time, so I had to make sure to squeeze it in!  It was a very hot summer day so the cool strawberries and cream tasted delicious!  We strolled around the park, looked at all the fun things for sale in all the stalls and ended our adventure with a ride on the farris wheel!  SLB #48 CHECK

My poor feetsies were so hot!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Summer time is finally upon us!! Well actually, by now, it's almost 1/3 of the way over!
I love all the fun things that summer time brings, the longer days, warmer weather, carnivals, festivals, cool summer treats, holidays, fireworks, vacations and so on and so forth.  It is just a fabulous season!

Before the weather warmed up and the schools let out I attended an enrichment meeting my friend Angie put together.  She had created a summer bucket list of 200 things to do durning the summer.  What a wonderful resource!  I have done through and picked the ones that I would like to do this summer and have made my own 2012 Summer Bucket List!

I have listed the activities I picked below and will blog about each one highlight them on the list below when I complete them! Some are BIG and some are small, but all would contribute to a wonderful summer time!  Bring on the good times!

If you would like to do any of these activities with me then let me know and I will make it happen! The more the merrier.

Kate's 2012 Summer Bucket List

1.) Make summer smoothies
2.) Go on a nature walk
3.) Make ice cream
4.) Go on a road trip
5.) Night star gazing
6.) Go to a parade
7.) Pick raspberries and blackberries
8.) Go to an outdoor movie at the capital
9.) Have a read a thon
10.) Neighborhood drive in
11.) Blow bubbles
12.) Play with side walk chalk
13.) Eat Snowcones
14.) Make rootbeer floats
15.) Go to the zoo!
16.) Go to an IMAX show
17.) Paint like Monet
18.) Plant something
19.) Have a meal outside
20.) Get all dressed up and go to a pirate night ;)
21.) Go apple picking
22.) Go for a hike
23.) Paint like Jackson Pollock
24.) Have an ice cream taste test
25.) Find shapes in the clouds
26.) Play in the rain
27.) Host a tea party
28.) Go to the Aqurium
29.) Go to a farmer's maket
30.) Go to the state fair
31.) Go to a baseball game
32.) Go Bowling
33.) Make Lemonade
34.) Play Croquet
35.) Play badminton
36.) Ride Bikes
37.) Feed Ducks
38.) Make and enjoy some caramel popcorn
39.) Visit my grandmother
40.) Make cookies for friends
41.) adopt a kitten
42.) Play card games
43.) Do a service project
44.) Visit a local state park
45.) Tour a historical site
46.) Collect and press flowers
47.) Play jump rope
48.) Go to a carnival
49.) Complete a puzzle
50.) Do some home science experiments
51.) Go to the Park Silly Market in Park City
52.) Make a sand castle
53.) Run a race
54.) Go to a concert in the park
55.) Take a walk in the perfect evening weather
56.) Sit on my parents patio
57.) Go swimming
58.) Go to a rodeo
59.) Play with sparklers
60.) Melt crayons onto a canvas

Ambitious much...? haha Some of these activities I hope to do more then once!  Keep checking back for pictures of the activities that I complete!  HAPPY SUMMER TO ALL OF YOU!

Kelly and Kennley's Fairytale

 A few weeks ago we threw the most enchanting baby shower for Kelly and her baby girl Kennley!  Kelly has a deep love and passion for books and reading.  She is the mastermind behind the amazing book club I am lucky enough to be a member of.  So, the theme of her shower was Once Upon A Time and Fairytales.  Angie and Bethy headed up most of the decorations and planning.  It was held in Bethy's gorgeous backyard, and all the decorations were centered around books and different fairytale characters.  Everything turned out so magical, it was one of the most beautiful parties I have ever been to. 
All of the decorations were a combination of what the 8 of us already had, we did make a few things like banners and flowers, but most of these things were just things we already had!  It's amazing what you can come up with when you combine decorations from 8 fabulous ladies!

Bethy created all of the cute graphics that you see scattered around in all the different frames.  Some she found on the internet and changed all the colors to fit the color scheme of the party, others she created herself.  It is so great to pretty much have a graphic designer on staff for our parties.
Kellie, Kelly and Libby

Cinderella's slipper

Everything about this shower was absolutely perfect.  Even down the the littlest details, like little fuzzy bees wired to hand made cupcake wrapper flowers.  These girls know how to throw a party!

The weather was splendid, just what we would have ordered for an outdoor baby shower.  It was warm but not too hot, it felt fabulous in the shade, and sky was such a beautiful shade of blue!

My vintage decorative books that I got while working at Pioneer Book in Orem sure came in handy for this party, I had so many that fit the color scheme perfectly!  I am so happy everytime I get to use them because I just think they are so fabulous I love sharing them!

This is what we referred to as the fairytale wall.  Here are a bunch of the different graphics that Bethy worked on.  Lots of different fairytales are represented in all sorts of fun and different styles!

I just loved these modern minimalistic representations of different fairytales, I think the repunzel one is my favorite, although, the princess and the pea is quite adorable as well.

The food was fabulous!! Look at how awesome that buffet table is, and of course all the dishes had magical fairytale names, make sure to read the magic mirror menu below:

My cooking assignments were True Love's Kiss Cookies and Bippity Boppity Boo Pumpkin Bundt Cakes!  I had experimented with both recipies and added a few things myself to vamp up the flavor.  I was so pleased with the way they turned out!  I had three people give me their email addresses so they could get the recipes!  I have to admit, I was very flattered.  I just love to bake!

At the beginning of the shower when everyone had arrived we got everyone's attention and announced that we had a very special surprise for Kelly and Kennley.  We wanted to give it to her at the beginning of the shower so it could be used and enjoyed all afternoon.  This was her reaction .... as you can tell, it was something that she had been talking about wanting for months, and she had no idea we were making it for her ...

Bethy had designed and created a pouf for Kelly to read to Kennley on!!  Kelly has been pinning pictures of multi colored poufs on pinterest for months, but they usually run around $200 dollers, we figured we could make a much better one for a whole lot cheaper.  Goal achieved!

A picture of everyone that helped throw this masterpiece of a baby shower

Then it was time to munch and mingle!

This beautiful butterfly saw our party from a far and thought they it belonged in our decorations, so it came to party with us

Cassandra made these delicious chocolate frogs as favors for everyone to enjoy after lunch!  They were divine!

Then it was time for the game.  All the guests were told to grab a book from anywhere in the garden and were given three strips of paper that had a page, paragraph, and line that they would look up in their book that lead them to a random word.  Once they had found their three words, they needed to write a poem to Kelly and Kennley using those three words.  The ladies did a wonderful job!  We had a bunch of great poems, some were funny and some were sweet.  Angie collected them all and glued them into a journal with some of the graphics that bethy had created, for Kelly to share with Kennley.  What a special reminder of such a splendid day!

While people were writing their fabulous poetry, we served them homemade ice cream that Angie had made.  We just had so many delicious treats we wanted to make, it was hard for us to not include any of them!

Kelly got quite a few giggles out of some of the poems ...
Then it was time for presents!  Kennley is already such a loved little girl, she got so many presesnts!

Rachelle made this gorgeous "K"  I was tempted to steal it and put it in my room!

As if hosting the shower and creating the ginormous pouf wasn't enough, Bethy also crocheted this amazing blanket in the colors of Kennley's nursery.  Kelly, as you can tell, loved it.  Such a sweet gift.

After presents the shower came to a close and all the guests slowly said their goodbye, gave their hugs and said their thanks.  All of us party throwers then had the after party, which consisted of laying in the shade of the great white tents on all the blankets and pillows and finally relaxing, we had pulled it off, and it was fabulous!

Once again, I love all of my girl friends so dearly and feel so unbelieveably blessed to have them in my life and to be a part of this amazing group of ladies.  They enrich my life with the most amazing experiences and they give and give so unselfishly and love to make others happy.  I love love love you all!