Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disneyland : Our Magic Morning

Today was our Magic Morning! So we were let into the park an hour before it offical opens to the public. We decided to get all the rides in Fantasy Land done in that hour when the lines aren't as long as they usually are. So we did dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Peter Pan, Snow White etc all those rides from my childhood.

After we had rushed to all the rides we could possibly get to in our magic morning hour we went to the Carnation Cafe on mainstreet for a delicious breakfast. Most of us go the cinnamon roll french toast which was to die for! All through out our meal dad was dedicated to filling out the word games on the kids menu, it was hilarious.

These windows were displayed on mainstreet and I thought they were so enchanting. I took pictures and posted them mainly cause I wanted to remember them for decorating ideas, you never know what kind of parties we will be throwing in the future and I thought these windows had excellent decorating ideas that would be pretty easy to recreate.

Sam was so excited for his first visit to Disneyland!

Nora had never been on the Tower of Terror before but Jenny and Mike convinced her to try it since it is one of their favorite rides. She was acutally pretty excited to try it out when we were in line....

She got a little more nervous when we were all strapped in and ready to go! I always get nervous at this part as well!

In the end she was glad she did it but didn't want to go on it again haha, she is a brave little girl!

This is my favorite part of the haunted mansion

New Orleans Square was all decorated for Mardi Gras

We finally got a turn with Tiana!

Tonight we dined at Cafe Orleans and boy it was delectable! Jenny and I split the deep fried goodness of one of their famous Monte Cristo sandwiches. They are soo good but super duper rich. Then we had to get benyas for dessert, we were in new Orleans after all!

The walk leaving the park at the end of the day is always so fun, everything is all lit up so it all just sparkles and shines.