Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

This Spring I have done some really fun things to enjoy
the nice warm weather that has finally decided
to come to stay for a while. Here are a couple that
I decided to document:

:Biking Provo Canyon:

:We biked to Vivian park where there is a place for only
little kids to fish, we made a little friend like we
always seem to do where ever we go, Jacob from the pool
in Park City is by far my favorite (he followed us around
the entire pool and hot tub singing kiss the girl from
the little mermaid.) This little buddy had
just caught a nice little fish so we went over
to congratulate him and see what he had caught:

:On the way down we saw Bridal Veil Falls:

:We decided we wanted to go to here, the base of it:

:We decided this would be the best way to get there:

:Nick found a super cool fossil:


:Another Spring Night we decided to venture
to SLC for a Pic Nic on top of Zion's
Peak overlooking the gorgeous SLC Valley.
While we waiting for the sun to get
close to setting we went to see the
Deep Sea 3D at the IMax at Clarks
Planetarium, this was the neatest experience!
It was honestly so cool you should all go see it!
Then we picked up Costa Vida to go
and hiked the 1/2 mile to the top of Zions
There were so many yellow daisy like flowers
that made the hike so beautiful!:

:This is the transition that we got to view while
eating our costa Vida, sparkling peach juice and brownies:

:Some other S p r i n g activities I have done to fill my wonderful free time:
  • :Tennis (my creative way)
  • :Catch
  • :Road Trip to California with the Madisons to see the grand premiere of Svara
  • :Ice cream runs about every other day
  • :Condo in Park City with some friends
  • :Movies (Wolverine and Star Trek are spectacular films)
  • :Real Salt Lake soccer game in their new stadium
  • :BYU and UVU baseball games
  • :Beach cruiser rides around Provo
  • :Hot tubing in the coolest hot tub in Provo
  • :Bowling
  • :49 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins
  • :Art in Bloom (previous post)
  • :Photo shoot and sushi (a post that is yet to come)
  • :Ward BBQ's
  • :Pool Time at various locations
  • :Bon Fires
  • :Tin foil dinners
  • :Volleyball tournament
  • :Lunch dates with Bethy at unique Provo restaurants
  • :Crocheting! (three down and one on the way! I crochet baby blankets to give to Primary Childrens Hospital in SLC)
  • :Hiking the Y, lots
  • :Scooter rides

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art in Bloom

Bethy and I took a day trip up to Salt Lake to see the latest exhibit
at the University of Utah's art museum it was absolutely spectacular!
Numerous florists from around the valley created stunning
arrangements that correlated with a piece of art in the museum.
It was the most intriguing and inspiring experience, I would most
definitely recommend anyone to go and see it! I also asked Bethy to
share some of her photography expertise with me, so I
experimented with what I could do with my champion of a point and shoot
camera. These are some of my favorite arrangements and works of art.

American Art

European Art

This first piece was my favorite becuase of the symbolism
also becuase it was based off of Italian art
my study abroad has made me quite bias at times. This piece
was in between a marble sarcophagus and a statue of Aphrodite
and cupid, showing the process of rebirth. The flowers nearest
to the sarcophagus were dried and brown symbolizing death, then it
gradually flowed into a burst of fresh flowers and peacock feathers as
the arrangement got closer to the statue of Aphrodite, who is the goddess of love,
creation and new life. The use of peacock feathers is interesting, the
florist picked peacock feathers because they are a christian symbol of immortality.

Indian, African and Japanese

I was drawn to the asian exhibits because of a class
I took last semester, Humanities of Asia. It was the most
fascinating class and definitely intrigued an intrest
in these amazing cultures.

After strolling through the galleries we ventured to the f stop cafe for
lunch we got the best sandwich, turkey basil with raspberry
mustard, and for dessert, what else would we get besides
a yummy cupcake! Notice how the frosting matches
the theme of the day.

While we were eating our delectable lunch we noticed a project
going on outside which sparked our curiosity. When we
inquired about what they were doing they informed us that it was the
childrens third Saturday activity and they were making terrariums. We asked
if there was an age limit or if we too old to join in the fun and they said
of course not so we got to make our own! It was so fun! Bethy
said it was a good out because after seeing all the stunning art in the
museum she desperately wanted to create something, so she got her chance!