Monday, May 11, 2009

Slushy Spring Sesh

Nick and I wanted to get one more snowboarding trip in before the
season ended as a way to celebrate the end of school!
We decided to hit up the slopes of Snowbird, it was an absolutely perfect day!
It was so hot all we needed were hoodies, no coats, which is my favorite!
Blue skies, soft snow, empty runs and no lift lines! It was the definition of perfection!

We found a little buddy in the parking lot, he was a very, very good looking animal. It was soo cool to see one so close!

Definitely the best dressed boarder on the mountain, basket ball shorts, long johns and socks ...

ICICLES: The best way to hydrate while on the slopes, very refreshing, tasty, and free. Much better then a water bottle.

It was an absolutely perfect day! BEAUTIFUL! Wish you were here! notice how there is no one else on the runs, thats how it was ALL day!!

Nick got stuck in the super deep, super heavy slush and I thought it was hilarious and laughed so hard and took a picture while he was in his helpless state.

Karma, never laugh at someone who is stuck in the snow

Nick thought that this would be a good run to finish the day ... I love boarding down the steepest run ever when my legs are already feeling like jello, seriously its my favorite.
It was an awesome day I loved pretty much every minute of it, I can't wait for next season!


  1. sweet. I wish I had made it up more this season. looks like you two had fun, love the pics. Did you get a little sunburned? it looks super sunny. Nick's outfit is amazing.

  2. Woah! How close were you to that wolf? You'd better always check to make sure there are no frozen bugs in your icicles.