Friday, August 28, 2009


Cottaging: The act of spending glorious lazy days in perfectly serene locations with family and friends. During my stay in Canada we spent much of our time cottaging in Timmins which was an absolute blast!
Set on the quaint but gorgeous Gibson lake this cottage has the absolute perfect set up with a sauna right next to the lake and a hot tube on the deck you are never chilly after playing in the wonderfully clear water. We spent our time boating, taking rides on the the wild banana, frog hunting, eating exotic Canadian treats such as Ketchup chips, swimming at sunsets, and taking four wheeler rides to a HUGE blueberry patch and picked wild blueberries to our hearts content. I LOVED spending time here is was absolutely perfect!

Our next cottage adventure was set on a much larger lake which was perfect for jet ski adventures and extreme tubing rides, I lost my voice because I was yelling and laughing so loud. This cottage was absolute perfection complete with a beautiful boat house and a fun grassy area complete with a fire pit that made for a fun evening of roasting marshmallows and a personal firework show. We also had a bear sighting! I hear they are quite common in Timmins, we saw a mommy with three cubs! they were adorable! Cottaging in Canada is an absolute dream I absolutely LOVED every minute I was sad to say goodbye.


  1. OOOoh my goodness I think you had too much fun. All of this looks amazing. Wowzas look at that water equipment, that tube is the lap of luxury. I think I have picked out my birthday of those bear cubs....trained of you and Nick better get on that. And as always, love the photographs, you are a little natural....I know I have said it before, but I will say it again. Also, Sorry all this fun ended as it did, but looks like you made the best of all there was to possibly do before you were drawn away so fast.

  2. wow!!! That sounds and looks like such a fun trip! I am I want to go! miss you and hope the hip is doing okay! i found out by facebook stalking ;)

  3. Kate this looks AMAZING!!!! I am so jealous! We need to get together soon because it has been WAY too long!! I don't even know what happened with your hip???