Friday, September 18, 2009

Ode to my love, Autumn

It's near, the best season of the whole entire year, and my excitement keeps growing. Fall time is my absolute favorite time of year, you could say I pretty much live for it. I was driving up by Sundance today and look what I found! Ooooh! I get giddy just looking at it! Gorgeous!! wish you were here! And this is just the beginning!

Here are some reasons I L O V E Fall:
:fall leaves:
:apple cider:
:the cool crisp air:
:pumpkin treats:
:beginning a new school year:
:eating soup out of bread bowls:
:sweaters and hoodies:
:pumpkin patches:
:football games:
:my birthday (Oct. 28th ...;):
:caramel apples:
:bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils:
:being in a new ward and meeting new people:
:scenic lift rides:
:fall decorations:


  1. Autumn is my favorite, too! I hope you are feeling well soon!

  2. Oh wow! Those are gorgeous! Fall really is an amazing time of year.

  3. ok so i always am confused by why people just love fall....i mean its better than winter for sure but i have always been a summer girl. usually it makes me sad b/c winter is just around the corner. I will say though that your list of why you love fall made me understand better why fall actually is great. thanks for making me excited about it!! :) I am starting to like it more. :)

  4. I love fall! I've been looking forward to it all summer...I just found your blog from Brittany's! I'm excited now I can keep up with your exciting life