Monday, October 26, 2009

People are great

So now a days I volunteer at the Springville Museum of Art and I get to work with some great people. This week I was helping the museum accept works for their new upcoming exhibit (Its going to be great you should all go see it when it gets put up, its all religious and sacred art, very impressive) so I was working with a lot of other great volunteers, most of them cute grandma types. One of these amazing grandma types comes in and announces that she was a wonderful treat for all of us that were working so hard, her treat was bacon and eggs pictured above. Maybe its just me but I found this hilarious, is this not the most random treat to make for a bunch of people. I'm used to the ordinary cookies, brownies maybe even a cinnamon roll or halloween store bought candy. But no this is amazing treat finds its quality in its sheer uniqueness. I just wanted to pay tribute to this lady who I don't know at all because she is outstanding in her creativity and generosity. Plus she absolutely made my day, the pictures does not give this treat justice.

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  1. This is so great. I wish I had more interactions with the characters at my work. This museum experience sounds like it is deeming itself worthwhile already. I have to say that bacon looks more like pretzels though? What REALLY did this treat include and taste like?