Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Art and Soup 2010

After many many years I finally made it back to Art and Soup! It is a wonderful event where all the local artists and restaurants around Salt Lake come to the Sheraton hotel and set up stations for us guests to mingle through. I can't even tell you how many soups we tried, I was full around the fourth sample. There were a lot of talented artists as well, I found a lot of works that I would have loved to have taken home with me, too bad art is soooo expensive! They also had artists painting wonderful little oil paintings, they had a 45 minute time limit and then their paintings were auctioned off at the end of the evening. I am always fascinated by watching people paint, and am so jealous of their talent. That is one thing that I would LOVE to be able to do, I would paint everything! I included pictures of the paintings from the artists that I liked the best.

There were also a few bakery stations spread throughout the event, to give our taste buds a little break from all the soup. I definitely loved their samples because I have such an obnoxious sweet tooth.

These were my favorite paintings out of everything that I saw, so I had my picture taken by them.

This was our group! Me, Bethy, Kelly and Shalease. It was awesome, I can't wait until next year! It will definitely be one of those events I attend every year!

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