Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Andy Warhol Birthday

To celebrate our dear friend Libby's birthday we threw her her dream birthday party, she had always wanted an Andy Warhol themed birthday and that is exactly what we gave her. All the girls were assigned to come in one, bold, bright color and all the boys came in artsy black shirts since that is all Andy Warhol wore. We had a soup bar in honor of Warhol's famous Cambell Soup print and each guest brought a can of soup to add to the decorations and then they all got donated to the food bank after the party. All the tables and balloons were decked out in bright silver to resemble his New York studio, which he named The Factory, often referred to as The Silver Factory, because he covered all the walls with tin foil and silver paint.

As the guests entered there was a table with a white canvas with a picture of Audrey Hepburn divided into squares. Each guest was assigned a specific square to paint as they saw fit. They could use any color and any painting style just as long as they stayed inside the lines. We all had a total blast being creative and having fun with this project. In the end Libby had a wonderful memento of her fantastic party created by all of her closest friends.

A few days before Bethy had a photo shoot with Libby dressed as Marilyn Monroe then turned them into Andy Warhol look a likes. They turned out sooo amazing! It was hard to believe it was truly Libby!

After dinner we played some HILARIOUS games. My favorite was Telestrations. Its like telephone, but with pictures, some of the end results were hysterical. Libby had made these cool themed art pads for the game.

Bethy had created some wonderful prizes that went along with the Andy Warhol/ 70's theme, one package included cocktail wienie bubble gum, super classy, super funny!

The end result! So fun! Each square totally portrays the personality of the person that painted it. On the back each square is labeled with the name of the person who painted it so she will always remember them. Such a cool idea, props to Bethy! Props to her again cause all of these photos are hers as well.

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  1. What a fun party! I loved the theme around an artist and his style. Since I love, love art history, I'm thinking it would be fun to have some artist parties with my kids to teach them in a memorable way about that artist (more simplified though!)