Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Very Happy New Years Eve

This past new years eve we threw Jenny a big happy 30th birthday bash!  Her birthday is in Novemeber but since Bethy and Reece were living in Swizterland we decided to hold the big celebration until they could be a part of it.  One of Jenny's favorite places in the entire world is Disneyland, so we threw her a Disneyland themed party, it was so much fun to put together.  In the kitchen, each corner represented a different park of the park or "land."
Here is Fantasyland
It's a Small World is one of Jenny's favorite rides

Bethy had build this amazing Hogworts castle for our friend's Hogworts themed Christmas party, we thought it looked like a Castle so we worked it into the decor.

This is Critter Country


New Orleans Square, my personal favorite part of the park.
We served monte cristo sandwiches, Jenny's favorite dish served at the Blue Bayou restaraunt.

We filled the family room with all the Disneyland paraphernalia we could gather.  A big thank you to our dear friends Angie and Eliza for letting us borrow their amazing Disney keepsakes.  All the vintage records belong to Eliza and most of our Song of the South decorations were borrowed from Angie.  I thought everything turned out so great!

When everthing was ready we sent all the Burton boys upstairs to get the birthday girl.  I waited downstairs, excited to see her reaction!

She loved every single detail!
Then it was time to eat!  Everything tasted so good!  It was exactly like dining at Cafe Orleans!

We had a little coloring station with different Mary Blair picutres to color in.  Mary Blair is one of Jenny's favorite artists, she designed the ride It's a Small World.  The kids loved it!  They all colored pictures to give to different people at the party.

Thomas is so adorable! 

After dinner we played a couple Disney themed games.  The first game was "Guess Who" Bethy and I wrote different Disney characters on sticky notes then stuck a note to everyone's forehead.  Then we went around the circle and everyone could ask yes or no questions until they figured out who their character was.  It was a game full of giggles for sure!

When the kids guessed who they were they got to pick out a Disney pez despenser as a prize.

Then we took an intermission to have some Dole pineapple whips, another Disneyland favorite!

By this time the little kids couldn't stand it any longer, they were dying to play with all the balloons, so we let each one pick a balloon and they were thrilled.  Getting a picture of that excitement ... was quite the challenge ....

Static filled baby fuzz
Mary Poppins!
Then we played Disney Scene It.  We divided up into teams, we decided to go girls vs. boys.  The girl's team was named the Pretty Princesses and the boy's team was named The Lost Boys
Since we had Jenny, who is a fountain of random Disney knowledge, on our team, we dominated the boys and got to enjoy the fun winning celebration screen.  So then they were known as the boys who lost ... hahaha
Then we introduced the younger generation to the classic game of Twister, it was pretty hilarious to watch their first Twister experience.

By now it was almost midnight!  So we moved the party upstairs so we could ring in the new year in our traditional way. 
Churros were our last Disney favorite treat that we served at the party.  Whenever I go to Disneyland I have to have a churro in the park, it is just tradition, a very delicious tradition.

Watching fireworks all across the valley from the window

My new year's kiss

I warned them that no matter what face they were making, this picture was going on my blog... so here it is bahahahaha

The sisters

Then we returned to Disneyland for some presents.  Bethy had found some awesome Mary Blair picture books online, Jenny loved them!

Then we had a spontaneous concert.  Will went first and peformed a couple of puppet shows he learned at his music class.  They were set to different classical pieces.  The puppet shows helped the students pick out different melodies that were combined to create the entire piece.  It was so cute to watch!

Then Jenny and John performed a couple clarinet duets.

Then by that time most of the little kids had fallen asleep in different places around the house.  Our family sure knows how to throw a good party!  Here's to a hopeful and fresh new year!


  1. LOST BOYS! the guys team was call the LOST BOYS! It was the most perfect name ever!!!! This totally was a fun night. Disney is such a playful theme. Loved it! Next time.... mint juleps, and micky carmel apples....

  2. You captured every fun moment of that amazingly fun New Year's Eve! I'm so glad we could join in on the fun--thanks Jen, for celebrating a few months later:) It was especially fun to read your post after just posting our trip to Disneyland! Disneyland rocks!