Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Arriving in San Antonio

This past March I went to San Antonio with the parents and the Burton family to celebrate the boys' spring break! Oh my goodness it was so much fun!  That city is gorgeous and filled to the brim with awesome things to see and do I wish we could have stayed for a little bit longer, but I guess I will just have to go back sometime.  The above picture is of the boys in the San Antonio airport, as you can tell they were super excited to be there!  As soon as we had all arrived and checked into the hotel we headed straight for the river walk to get some famous Texan BBQ for dinner, our hotel is right on the bank of the river which was super convenient.

I adore this baby!  He is such a little ham whenever a camera is pointed in his direction. I wanted to hold him all of the time!

Andrew ordered the ribs, not knowing that he would be getting about half the cow on his plate haha
The boys ordered Big Red, or Red Flash at every restaurant that we went to.  Us Utahans know this beverage better as Red Cream Soda, apparently it is super popular in Texas, you can order it anywhere!

I had to get some pecan pie while down in the south, they just know how to make it down there.  While on this trip I learned that Texas is the number two producer of pecans in the US, right behind Georgia.  Another fabulous reason {excuse} to have a thick, creamy slice of pecan pie while in Texas.

                                                  Thomas really loved his ice cream!
After our fun and delicious dinner we caught a river taxi and took a relaxing ride down the river and enjoyed perfectly warm Texan weather.  It was really fun to see the river walk from a boat we made note of all the places we wanted to go back and visit over the course of the next week.

I could not get enough of Thomas' cute reactions, he loved being on the boat and peeking over the side and feeling the wind in his face, such a cute little babe!

We took the water taxi to the famous Riverside mall to see the IMAX about the battle at the Alamo.  We had a little time to spare before the movie started so we all had a fun time in the gift store ....
Cowboy hats and toy guns, every little boys dream

I bought these packs of cookies because I thought they were adorable and thought it would be fun to all share a pack of cookies the different places we were planning on visiting!

I thought these were awesome and almost bought them for a rockin Halloween costume, but I resisted.

I took a few pictures during the movie, it was a  very well made film.  But I have to admit, I had totally forgotten how the story of the Alamo went and kept waiting for things to turn around for the Davy Crockett and crew.  I figured since the Alamo is so famous that they must have won the battle, I was so unbelievably sad when everyone died and Santa Ana and his troops won.  I had no idea that Davy Crockett died at the Alamo!  I really need to know my history better.  Even though the movie made me really sad and was slightly graphic, it is still an excellent film and it was so fun to see in San Antonio, the Alamo itself is right next door to the movie theater!

We walked back to our hotel via the river walk.  It is such a festive place at night!  Everything is all light up in lights of all different colors, people are everywhere, there are mariachi band serenading couples at restaurant tables, river taxis and boat tours are filled with excited visitors, it's just a great place to be!

The Tower Life Building was lit up all green for St. Patrick's Day!

We passed by Dick's Last Resort restaurant nearly every day.  We never found out the whole story about these huge crazy looking hats that people were wearing while eating there.  My best guest is that the waiters choose a couple of people at each table, write the most embarrassing thing they can think of, and put the hats on their costumers, it looked like a pretty entertaining place

So here are a few pictures of the Steal of The Day.  I saw this adorable vintage toy at the gift shop by the IMAX theater and could not pass it by.  It was marked at $30 dollars, which I thought was a little steep, but I love to collect vintage toys and this one was just so unique. I thought about it for like 20 minutes then decided to just go for it anyway.  When I brought it up to the register the boy ringing me up thought that $30 dollars was too much as well, I didn't say a word to him about the price, and so he decided to give it to me for the fabulous price of $6 dollars!!!!!! Woo! I just love it so much, it works great and is just like a little ray of sunshine!

I am going to post each day of this fun filled trip as separte posts.  We were there for 6 days, so there will be 5 more posts coming your way!

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