Monday, April 22, 2013

Windows at the Grand

Another fun Christmas tradition I love to do with the family is tour the windows at the Grand.  We always get to see them when we have our family brunch with my dad's side of the family at Christmas time.  The theme for the windows this year was Joy to the World.  Every window represented a different country and how they celebrate the holiday season as well as how to say Merry Christmas in that country's language.  At the beginning of the window tour, you can pick up a passport that has all the countries listed on one side, and all the different ways of saying Merry Christmas on the other.  As you tour through the windows you get to play a little match game and once you have completed the game and have seen all the windows, you get a sweet treat at the magical La Bonne Vie bakery!

Thomas and I were traveling buddies on our tour around the world

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