Thursday, February 27, 2014

Merry Christmas

On Christmas eve we had our traditional bread day.  Every christmas, my family makes greek bread and sweet rolls to enjoy on Christmas morning.  The greek bread is always the kids favorite because they get to shape their personal loaf into any shape they want!  Thomas and Sam were definitely the most info the bread making, they were adorable.

Everyone wanted one of Thomas' sweet rolls come Christmas morning.  He had put so much butter, sugar and cinnamon on his....

My mom always cooks the most amazing family meals.  Our Christmas eve feast was no exception, and the table decorations and place settings were fabulous.

Then we gathered in the front room for a concert from the grandkids and to sing carols as a family.  James and I sang together.

Then all the kids got to open one present before heading off to bed.  They were pretty excited, especially Sam ...

Our family is pretty awesome for too many reasons to even count.  One of those reasons is we all sleep in on Christmas morning.  We had to wait around for all the kids to wake up!  We enjoyed our lovely baked goods we had all baked together.  Dad made is special and amazing frosting to top our sweet rolls.  

Then it was present opening time!  We all gathered in the "Christmas room", my mom and dad's downstairs living room that is decorated in deep reds and greens, the most perfect place to host Christmas.

The Griffins had me this year, Nora address all my gift tags and I loved it.

Sammy came to Christmas dressed as a pirate and stayed in his very manly costume all day, until he got another amazing costume... pictured later.

My cat is the most thoughtful cat in the world

The Griffin kids had a very Frozen themed Christmas this year!  They each got a costume and how cute are they?!?  Jens made Sammy's Christof costume since they don't sell one in the stores, she is so talented!

And that was our Christmas!  I didn't take as many photos as usual, I was too busy soaking it all in!

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