Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arizona in the Spring

This past March, mom, dad and I went down to Arizona to spend a couple days in the sun with the Burton bunch before we all headed to Washington DC for spring break.  Arizona is absolutely gorgeous this time of year, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining in the clear blue sky, and it's the most pleasant temperature.

It is always so fun to hang out with the Burton's at their home, there is always something fun going on!  I love watching all the brothers interact and play with each other.  I was excited to always have at least two or three boys to play some basketball with in the drive way.  I love to play all bball games, especially dynamite but rarely have enough players around for a nice long game, so we had tons of fun enjoying the sun and some friendly competition.

On our first morning, Karin, dad, Thomas, James and I went for a nice, long walk.  We walked to this park that has tons of these adorable owls all along the trail

After our walk I accompanied Karin and Thomas, along with mom and James to Thomas' preschool Spring picnic.  We all had tons of fun picking oranges and grapefruit from all the trees in the backyard of his teacher's house.  I was amazed by how much fruit was on all the trees, no wonder everyone from Arizona loves their orange trees so much!

I made friends with this adorable golden retriever, she was so sweet and playful

That night we all got dessert from the Arizona Waffle Love truck.  I am obsessed with waffle love and am so excited they have a truck in Arizona!  And I love that is it close to my sister's house so she and her boys can enjoy the love as well!

The next day after all the boys got home from their last day of school before spring break we all went out for some scrumptious hawaiian ice and to see the Lego Movie, which is totally hilarious! I was laughing the whole way through that movie.

Thomas got his rainbow ice "shark attack" style, I thought it was so adorable with all it's gummy sharks!

That night we watched a super fascinating documentary on the Hope diamond since we will be seeing it at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  Then we watched Apollo 13 and taste tested some astronaut food in preparation for going to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. 

 I admire my mom and Karin's ability to make learning so much fun for their children and grandchildren.  My mom always prepped us with tons of fun activities to learn all about things we were going to see in museum's before we would go on our european adventures, and it made it so much more exciting to see things we had learned about.  Karin does the same for her children, it was so fun to see how excited all her boys were to see the Hope Diamond a few days later after learning all about it.  

The next day we all packed up and headed to the airport to fly to DC!  Because the airport was so so busy we all missed our flight and had to wait a few hours in the airport until there was another flight that could accommodate all 11 of us.  The boys and I had THE BEST time playing all sorts of fun card games.  They had such a blast playing go fish, they were getting all sorts of silly with that game and I totally loved it!  I was grateful for that bonding time with them and didn't mind the wait at all.

Finally we all boarded the plane and made our way to Washington DC!  The posts from that excited adventure are coming up next!

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