Tuesday, December 16, 2014

China Town and Golden Gate

Our next day in The City started nice and early.  We headed to China town to do a little antique and gift shopping.  The street was all decked out for some reason, it was fun and festive and I loved it all.

Then we saw a few of the famous sights.  We stopped by the Painted Ladies and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.

When we used to travel to San Fransisco when I was little we always ate at this fun Moroccan restaurant, but unfortunately it went out of business so the last few times we have visited we haven't been able to eat there.  On this trip, we had the idea to look and see if we could find another Moroccan restaurant near by and we found this amazing place, it had a lot the same things we loved about our old Moroccan place!

We began by washing our hands with water scented with the orange blossom water and lavender.

Pouring traditional Moroccan herbal mint tea

They had a belly dancer come and perform a couple of numbers during our meal!

The food was all so amazing!  And they were so wonderful about dealing with my gluten allergy.  They even made me a special gluten free dessert!

And that was our last day in the big city.  The next day we got up nice and early and drove to the one and only beautiful Yosemite National Park.

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  1. Loved the Morrocan restaurant you suggested! It was actually better than the one we ate in ....in Morocco! Honey lamb was wonderful...what a fun day; I could browse those shops in China town for hours; glad we were not hurried. We found the best shop though, for antiques!