Friday, September 25, 2015

Lunch in Chester

After our wonderful two night stay in the Lake District, we continued our journey and began the drive to Wales.  We stopped in Chester to have lunch, I would have loved to have had more time in this charming place, it's one of my parents' favorite English towns.  We had a couple of hours to walk around and grab a bite to eat.  My dad did the walking around part, while mom and I enjoyed the most pleasant and memorable lunch at a side walk cafe.

We got salads and pastries from Patisserie Valerie, the same place we got some treats in Scotland.  We sat at a table for two and enjoyed people and dog watching (there were three of the most gorgeous and large poodles I have ever seen in my life, lounging gracefully at the table next to us!) while listening to some lovely, live music.  It was such a perfect moment in time, I wish I had more pictures to portray it more accurately.

And that was it for Chester!  Onward to Wales

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  1. Such a fun memory! I loved sitting there and having time to study the half timbered architecture, and savor the moment. The dogs somehow added to enchantment, they were so large and so elegant and well behaved...well, except for the little one who had not been taught any manners yet.Thank you for being there to enjoy it with me!