Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Blenheim Palace

Our day in Oxford had a Sir Winston Churchill theme.  Our first stop of the day was to pay respects at Churchill's grave.  It's surprising how humble and unpretentious his final resting place is, if you ever want to visit his grave yourself, the sign pictured above is the only marker or sign directing visitors to the cemetery.

Then we drove to the gorgeous Blenheim Palace.  This estate is famous for many reasons, the most well known reason is it being the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.  However, while it's his birthplace, Churchill's immediate family never lived in the palace.  Churchill's mother was attending a party at Blenheim Palace when she went into labor, she was escorted to a guest room where she gave birth to her well known son.

As you can see, Blenheim is absolutely stunning, and lavishly decorated.

After a tour of a few of the interior rooms, it was time for lunch!  We enjoyed our lovely lunch over looking one section of the expansive gardens.

We had a little extra time to stroll through some of the themed gardens, here is the Italian Garden.

Next, we found the lush, Secret Garden.

We saved the best for last, the Rose Garden

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  1. Ahh, the flowers were splendid! I loved the gardens, I loved our lunch my the fountain, and I loved an unhurried stroll through the grandeur that was the interior of Blenheim. I have never been inside before, always a "drive-by" glance from the window of the bus of the stately exterior. This time I savored the beautiful collections of art, porcelain, and furniture; the lovely rugs and tapestries; the gilded moldings and painted ceilings...and you caught all the details as well as the over-all feel of each splendid room! I loved how you chose to show the entire room with your unique lens. But I loved ending with the natural beauty of the roses, my favorite flower, and the flower for June, my birth month. I was lucky, I also got the pearl, my favorite, as the birthstone. The colors of those roses were so deep and rich, and the secret garden was a calm and beautiful place as well.