Saturday, January 30, 2016

Return to Europe

2015 was an amazing year for travel, just one short month after we returned from our cruise to Bavaria and our adventure in England, we boarded another flight back to Europe.  This time we flew to Copenhagen to catch a cruise that would take us through Holland, Belgium and France.  This particular trip was quite the adventure since it was a trip through the Smithsonian Museum and not with our usual tour company.  We couldn't wait to see what it would be like!

After hours and hours of flying, we finally landed in Denmark and were escorted to our ship, The Corinthian, which seemed to be a hybrid between an ocean liner and a river boat.  Each passenger was lead to their room by a member of the crew, I was shown to my room by the very tall, very handsome, Head of Housekeeping, whose name was Mohan.  He was exceptionally nice as he explained the features of the room and the boat.  Not going to lie, I was looking forward to the next week with him on board ;)

The first evening on the boat was pretty much a jet lagged blur.  We had some time to explore the boat and get settled in our rooms, then we headed down to dinner, which was delicious, but we couldn't wait to get back to our rooms and go back to sleep.  We were exhausted.

The next day was a relaxing day at sea.  We slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast, then attended the first of a series of on board lectures.  Everyday, we had the option of attending a lecture by one of the many professors that were on board to lecture about the art, culture and history of the stops we would be making during the week.  It was such a fun addition to the usual cruise itinerary.

After our lecture, it was time for lunch.  Since the weather was so gorgeous today, our buffet was set up out on the deck so we could enjoy the gorgeous scenery as we floated by and feel the refreshing, crisp breeze.  It was absolutely lovely.

After lunch, we all headed up to mom and dad's room, on the VIP 6th floor I am on the 4th floor, for a super long nap.  We woke up after dinner had started and so we rushed down to get three seats together.  On this cruise, all passengers dine at the same time and gather at large round tables.  So we got to meet everyone we were sailing with, and have deep conversations with them.  The presentation of all our meals was outstanding!  Just look at what I got for dessert that night..

My room attendant Ena, was the sweetest person ever.  I always loved running into him in the halls and chatting with him.  He folded the most adorable towel animals every night, be excited, I took pictures of all of them!


  1. can't wait to revisit this trip with you! Love your posts!

  2. So fun! You inspire me with your travels! Keep it up, my love!