Sunday, May 1, 2016

Jardin Des Tuileries

It's obviously hard to choose, but I think our last day in the city may have been my favorite. It began at Angelina for breakfast, we loved it so much that we had to squeeze it in one last time before we left. This time we sat in the main dining room which is so gorgeous with large painted murals and rows of small tea tables.

We went all out with the pastries this time

We spent the rest of the day strolling through the Tuileries. It was so lovely and relaxing, it was a warm beautiful day with the slightest fall chill in the air. We stopped by one of the many duck filled ponds and sat in the reclining green chairs that lined the edge of the water

We walked until the gardens of the Tuileries melded with the grounds of the Louvre. We then left the gardens and crossed the street to do a little souvenir shopping. We wove in out and all the fun little shops, finding a few keepsakes to take home. Among the numerous shops, there were a couple macaroon shops that I just couldn't resist going into. One shop had beautiful decorative tins, I picked out a yellow and red one and filled it with a dozen bright and colorful macaroons to take home.

Once we were done shopping, we assessed how everyone was feeling. Mom and I were hungry for lunch and Dad was anxious to pick up the pace and walk the city. So Mom and I went back into the park to have lunch at an open air cafe we had passed on our walk, and dad took off to walk around the entire city.

Our lunch was bliss. We picked a table right on the edge of a beautiful sculpture pond and both got croquet monsieurs and large glasses full of ice cold coke. We had a fluffy, chubby bird join us for lunch, he was entertaining company.

After lunch, Mom and I walked back to our hotel to take a delicious nap. We didn't see Dad until minutes before our dinner reservation, he had walked 8 miles! 

For our last dinner in Paris, we dined at L'absinthe based in a recommendation from our hotel concierge. I loved it's style and atmosphere, it was industrial and hip inside. The menu was rather limited but very gourmet, it was a great last meal.

The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn and were in a taxi, headed for the airport before the sun came up, thus we needed to grab breakfast at the airport. We found a nice looking bakery that we decided to try. I had discovered that I could eat gluten in France so I thought I would squeeze in a few more carbs before heading back to the U.S. It may have been the best breakfast of my life.

The Paris airport is FULL of macaroon shops, it was hard not to buy some from every one, I love to compare different macaroon shops to find the best ones.

And with my bag full of macaroons and my mind full of happy memories, we flew home.

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  1. Happy Memories indeed! Everything is more fun when Kate is there!