Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Going Home

Today we had to say goodbye to the Arizona sun and head back home. We had many sweet moments hanging out at Karin's house in between outings and late at night over the past week. I wanted to include a few pictures of those moments before the posts about this trip are over, they were just too cute to not include.

Learning about nature with grammy

We would try to fit in some walks in the morning or evening when it was a little bit cooler outside. One day our walk ended at a park and V had a blast swinging on the swings, while Ben roller bladed around and the other kids played on the slide.

The littles LOVE taking silly pictures on Snapchat.

To say V was obsessed with this little blue car is an understatement. If it was up to her, she would have lived in that car for the entire week. The boys were so sweet and took turns pushing her all around the front and back yard.

The boys were excited to share all their toys with V. They are the cutest cousins.

Everyone loves spending time with Grammy. She always has fun art lessons, craft projects, and educational activities planned when she comes to visit or when the kids stay at her house. She, is by far, the most fun person ever.

This is what my bed looked like most mornings.... I loved every second of it

All six, handsome boys playing some Mario Kart together. The cutest.

On our last morning together, we got breakfast at the Hen House. This family owned restaurant is famous for their GINORMOUS pancakes. We couldn't help but order some for the table. Even with all 9 of us working on them, we still had quite a few left overs to take home

Then it was home to Utah, the flight was beautiful.

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  1. Loved the picture of your bed with the boys hanging out with you! I also loved the picture of Thomas and me! You have a gift for capturing relationships in your photos. The six boys playing Mario Cart...such a fun memory of home.And who will ever forget the giant pancake!