Friday, November 17, 2017

Easter at Greenbrier

Our last day at Greenbrier was Easter Sunday. We had made reservations for the Easter brunch and we were so excited to see how this one of a kind resort celebrated Easter, it did not disappoint. The brunch was held in the largest room I have ever seen in my life, I'm not exaggerating, I really don't think I have ever seen a bigger room.

It was so much fun to see all the families and other guests dressed up in their Easter finest, their attire was the perfect combination of East Coast chic and Southern charm. I never thought of West Virginia as part of the South, but we heard so many southern accents and ate lots of Southern comfort food and enjoyed a lot of Southern Charm during our stay, I was pleasantly surprised as I am a southern belle at heart.

The buffet was absolutely gorgeous.

The dessert tables were my favorite, for obvious reasons.

I totally thought I had taken more pictures of the savory offerings, but apparently I didn't, oops! 

These colorful sugar brioche buns were one of my favorite buffet items.

While it was tempting to just fill up on all the gorgeous desserts, I did get a plate of "healthy" food before I visited the dessert tables.

Dessert time! We all made sure to get different treats so we could try out as many as possible.

After brunch I was in a major food coma and did one of my favorite guilty pleasures, I went back to bed for a little bit to sleep it off. My Mom also took a nap, my dad doesn't believe in naps so he went for a walk to explore more parts of the hotel we hadn't seen yet.

In the afternoon, we headed down to the activity building to check out what it had to offer. 
We found the spa, indoor pool, and exercise area. If we had more time at this resort, I would have loved to of spent more time by this beautiful  pool.

The bowling alley and billiard room are right next to the indoor pool, and we spontaneously decided to bowl a couple of games! I'm not great at bowling, even though I was on a bowling league when I was younger, but I always think its so much fun to play.

Look at how amazing my dad's form is!

The TVs and score keepers weren't working so we had to keep score manually. Between the three of us, we remembered most of how the scoring works, but we kinda made it up as we went along, bowling is kind of a confusing sport! My mom was our rockstar score keeper.

After our championship worthy bowling games, we headed across the main road to the resorts own little Christmas Store. The store is in the historic train depot dating back to 1931, it still acts as a depot of sorts three days a week to the Amtrak Train that passes by the Greenbrier.

There were six rooms all jam packed full of Christmas cheer. It was like wandering through a magical, Christmas wonderland.

For our last dinner at Greenbrier, we dined at Prime 44 West. This restaurant honors NBA legend and West Virginia native Jerry West, and is the ultimate classic steakhouse. The restaurant features an exquisite atmosphere of dark and natural woods that is both upscale and inviting. 

Each table gets a warm skillet of Cathy Justice's Blue Ribbon cornbread. The recipe for the bread was on the back of the blue ribbon, we were pretty excited about that and couldn't wait to try it out at home.

Out of all the dinners we had at the Greenbrier, I'm pretty sure my meal at Prime 44 West was my favorite. The food was so flavorful and amazing!

They are famous for their lobster mac and cheese, so we ordered one for the table. It was so creamy, buttery and delicious.

The restroom down the hall from the restaurant was GORGEOUS, I kinda wanted to hang out in there for a bit, I loved the bold pattern on the wall paper.

To end our Easter weekend on a fun note, we went to see the showing of Easter Parade in the Greenbrier Theater. None of us had ever heard of it, but we figured if it stars Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, it was bound to be lots of fun. It is a super fun, old, classic movie, I would recommend it for your next Easter Weekend!

The next morning we said goodbye to this beautiful, unique and colorful hotel and flew to Nashville, Tennessee for a weeklong tour with Knight Tours.

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  1. Oh I loved Greenbriar! Every day! This was a fun one with the beautiful buffet brunch and lovely spring flower arrangements. I agree, the pool was fabulous. I loved the turquoise and salmon pattern of tropical plants and flowers on the furniture and the salmon walls, but the fabric tent on the ceiling was the best...not only elegant it kept the noise of an indoor pool down. Brilliant, like the rest of Greenbriar's decor!