Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where in the World

Where in the World did the Johns/Burton/Madison/Griffin clan travel this year .... ??

SOLVANG, California! Solvang (which means SUNNY FEILD in Danish) is a little Danish town that was founded in 1911 by Danish educators who originally built a Danish Folk School called Atterdog College, here students would learn the basics of Danish culture. The school no longer exists but the Danish spirit does. Many Danish and Danish-Americans still live here and carry on the Solvang's Danish traditions.

We began our Danish adventure by having lunch at The Greenhouse Cafe, we ate out on the patio and enjoyed both Danish and American cuisine in the sunshine. We, of course, made sure to get some orders of the delicious aebleskievers which is one one of our favorite Scandinavian dishes. They are little pancake like dumplings that are sometimes filled with deliciousness like lemon curd or raspberry jam. I remember mom insisting on getting these when we were in Holland a few years ago and after experiencing their ymmy taste I understood why she was so persistant on getting some.
After a suburb lunch we spent the afternoon exploring, discovering and enjoying the towns numerous little shops. They had a huge antique shop that had some exquisite jems.

Most of the shops sold typical Danish keepsakes and tourist lures. We did find a chirstmas shop that was so fun to see because my moms family is from Norway so our christmas decorations and especially our christmas tree ornaments are very scandinavian so when I found baskets full of straw reindeer, paper stars, and little elves with red hair and green clothes it hit close to home and I loved it.

This little treasure of a town had several little courtyards that were decorated with delicate statues, bushes full of blooming buds, inviting tables for two and relaxing and beautiful fountains. This was a very fun and unique experience I loved it so much, I miss Europe so much and this gave me my Europe fix for this year.

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  1. Again nice pics. I once saw in William sanoma an aebleskiver pan that was sold in a package with buttermilk pancake mix and pumpkin butter. Instructions on how to cook the skivers with the butter inside were included. amazing....we need to pursue that idea until a tasty completion. This town did feel quite Europe-ish....I wonder if there is a scandinavian festival? if so, we might as well hit it up and learn about our ancestry while we are hitting all our other festivals this year.