Monday, June 15, 2009

Great SCOTT!

I belong to this sweet culture club where we have monthly activities that make us the sophisticated cultured people that we are. This month we learned all about Scotland by going to the Scottish Festival held at thanksgiving point, but first we all met and had a presentation on Scotland and its traditions then had a traditional Scottish breakfast. Kilts were everywhere and Bagpipe melodies filled the air.

One of the main events was the Highland Games. There were four activities, throwing a tree trunk in a perfect circle rotation, hurling a 26 pound rock as far as you can, hurling a 56 pound weight over a high bar, and flinging a bag of hay across the field with a pitchfork, all very manly activities. The highland games started as a way for generals to pick the strongest and best men for their army, you would have to be pretty strong to do well in most of these games.

The muscular athletes showing that real men really can wear kilts.

BAGPIPES! It was honestly constant, there were so many pipe bands practicing for the competition that there was never a moment of silence. After we had driven home I could still hear bagpipes ringing in my ears.

Scottish Sword Dancing. This was cool and brought me back to the days of when I was in Pep Club, since I attended Highland High we have Scottish traditions and one is for the Pep Club to do the Highland fling to bagpipes during homecoming and other important sporting games, which was exactly like this dancing, minus the swords, my Pep Club year even got to wear kilts.

They served old fashioned root beer and cream soda in these awesome bottles! So good and so awesome!

They had a cool booth where you could look up your last name and get the history of your name with your family crest, can you find my last name ...? don't be fooled its not on the line that is in focus haha.

There was lots of armor, we couldn't help ourselves we had to play with it. It would have been super uncomfortable to be a knight, I was not the biggest fan, but it all looked cool.

I love people watching at festivals, they always seem to attract the most amazing humans.


  1. ohhh my goodness the pictures. you are dang good. This activity was the funnest. favorite parts....ridiculous amounts of root beer (but hey we got those freaken cool bottles), samurai wearing a kilt, and the music...wait are those bag pipes I hear...even now...? good times.

  2. Woah! Those are some crazy sports. It looks like it was an awesome festival. I wish I could have gone. That guy with the tiny dog is very cool. It almost makes me want to get a tiny dog.

  3. Kate I didn't know you were such a great photographer. How fun. I hope things are going well. I'm happy that I found your blog. Keep posting I love it!

  4. Kate that is amazing! I want to join your club.

  5. Kate! THat is the coolest thing ever! I want to join this club. where do you hear of these cool things?