Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I love to get into every holiday so I did all that I could to celebrate the happy holiday of valentines day. I began by crafting, its the perfect thing to get anyone into any holiday spirit. I made this cute valentines banner with my mom and sister so decorate my room, it looks great and very valentiny. Then I got started on making valentines pretty early, I just couldn't wait! I made these valentines for my nephews, I tried to make them as boyish as possible but I still made sure they looked like valentines.

Jenny had an adorable valentines day party. The Madison's were babysitting our cousins little girls so they got to come to which made it super fun! Jenny made miniature heart shaped pizzas, bethy made Shirley temples complete with cool heart shaped straws and I made individual conversation heart cakes for dessert. For our activity we made homemade valentines and colored valentine magnets. It was so fun to see the cute valentines the girls made for their families. Cute Sydney colored a magnet and gave it to me, I loved it! Bethy gave everyone ring pops as a party favor, of course the little girls LOVED them! I'm just glad I wasn't in charge of putting any of them to bed after the sugar overload we gave them haha. It was such a fun party Jenny did such a great job!

Valentines party number two was for culture club. We had a valentines day dinner with delicious and deluxe desserts. As always Bethy had her house decorated in the most amazing way, her attention to detail is mind boggling, how she comes up with all these cool things will always baffle me. After dinner and dessert Bethy prepared a lecture about the origins of valentines day and the other holidays that are in the same week, Chinese New Year, Marti Gras, and Lent. It was very very interesting, and she gave us all a gift bag with all the information she found as well as a red envelope of money which is a tradition that happens at Chinese New Year we also read everyone's Chinese animal, turns out 2010 is the year of the tiger again, so its MY year! Lets hope some good things happen!!

On Saturday, which was the day all the love birds celebrated their love since Valentines fell on a Sunday this year, Lisa and I went to see the new movie Valentines Day, we thought it was fitting, it was really funny and good I liked it a lot. That night someone special came over and gave me a rose and a super nice gift certificate and took me out for ice cream, he said that every girl should feel special on Valentines day, it worked, I felt special. Then on the actual day of love some friends and I went over to my friends Becky's house to make valentine sugar cookies. We also gathered to celebrate Aaron's birthday which is on valentines day! I always have fun with these guys, they are hilarious. When I got home there were valentines from the relief society on our doorstep, I thought that was special so I documented it.

I really wanted to celebrate Valentines day to the fullest so I made all my roommates valentines and gave them a valentines mug full of candy. In return my sweet roommates gave me some cute and tasty valentines! Lisa gave me a cute little package of chocolate covered cinnamon bears (reminiscent of freshman year to when we woke up on Valentines day to scary pounding on our door and valentine poems, roses and chocolate covered cinnamon bears on our doorstep from our good friends Andrew and Aaron) and Rachel gave me and Lisa this yummy fudge heart! And of course I always have to bake something that corresponds to the current holiday so I made little rose cupcakes. I made the roses out of fruit by the foot, clever I know. And I must admit they tasted SO GOOD! The fruitiness of the fruit by the foot blended very well with the chocolate of the cupcake and the vanilla of the frosting.

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