Monday, March 1, 2010

In Loving Memory

Last week a tragedy happened, and my life has changed drastically. My dear dear pal, handicap pass T163213's life expired. He went everywhere with me and was always there, willing to help, when I needed him the most. He saved me from many stressful situations and brought me so much joy life without him has been an adjustment. I no longer have a reserved spot in my complex's parking lot, which has been hard to get used to. I no longer have privileged parking at BYU which was by far the best thing my handicap pass ever gave me, now I have to walk to school. We shared many many good times and memories handicap pass T163213 will be sincerely missed.


  1. well at least you won't have to limp every time you get out of your car now so that people don't judge you. :)

  2. You still don't walk to school, stop kidding yourself.