Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Day In The Big Apple

Our fabulous week in New York sadly had to come to an end sometime and it sure was hard to say goodbye! On our last morning we went across the street from our hotel to Jr's cafe and had some delightful pastries and fresh orange juice, such a fun breakfast. Then we went to the Discovery musuem to see the special exhibition on King Tut. On our way there we way posters for all the shows we had seen in the past week. The three in the top pic were awesome and we loved all of them, A Little Night Music on the other hand ... didn't get the best review from us

The King Tut exhibit was so fascinating! It brought back all the things I learned in my Egyptian art and architecture class at BYU which was awesome, I absolutely loved that class, well the facts not the teacher haha. We started off by watching the 3D movie about ancient Egypt which was awesome and we were the only ones in the theater, total unplanned private screening!

For our last meal in the big city we went to Carmines which is big, family style Italian which was oh so so SO good! The atmosphere is fun and bustling and very fast paced. We ordered a big house salad that had little pieces of meat and cheese and the best Italian dressing for an appetizer and for a main course we got ewey gooey cheesy manicotti and baked scallops everything was of course lip-smackin good! I was good and stuffed by the time we were done but still wanted to try more! But we had gotten fresh baked cookies from Jr's bakery to eat on the plane so we of course had to save room for those!

After our sensational lunch we mad the horribly long drive to the airport to fly back home to Utah. I honestly had the hardest time leaving I wanted to find a cute little apartment somewhere get a fun little job and just live in the big city, that is my dream, just for a little while though like a year or so. One day for sure. It was such an awesome vacation! I love my parents for taking me on such wonderful adventures!


  1. he first pic of the horse is amazing!! i want to print it out and put it up on my wall. and you look great in all of your fall photo shoot pics!

    -nick b

  2. ok last comment was for the wrong post sorry.