Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Canvas of Fall

I have to post about the fall leaves every year, it is just something that I look forward to all year long, fall leaves are an amazing phenomenon. At the beginning of the fall season I went up the Spanish Fork canyon on a blustery day in search of some fall colors. There still wasn't any huge bursts of color but there were little hints of autumn scattered about. We saw some beautiful wild life which is better then any fall leaf in my book.

Later on in the season Bethy and I went to Sundance to do our traditional lift ride, we were very sad and confused when the lifts weren't running that day for some random reason. Yet we were still determined to enjoy the wonderful fall leaves so we took a little drive up the Alpine Loop. If we saw a cool setting we pulled over and took some pictures. It was still a fun fall experience. We also found some wild life up this canyon, 2 for 2!

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  1. Love love love all the pics! They could be in a magazine.