Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebrating 37 Wonderful Years

My sweet, wonderful parents celebrated 37 years of blissful marriage this past June.  To celebrate, they wanted to go out to dinner with all four of their daughters. They chose to go to Sea Salt, a new restaurant in Salt Lake which is specatular.  It is decorated all in white and has a very mediterranean beach feel, I felt like I had been trasnported to somewhere far away and dreamy.  The food also had a mediterranean feel and combined very unique flavors, it was all soo delicious!
To make the evening special bethy created the most beautiful centerpieces.  Bethy had looked up the colors of their anniversary and found the colors of a 37th anniversary are coral and jade, what a fun color combination, it fit the occasion perfectly.  The bright colors looked marvelous in the restaurant since it was all white, it really made our table stand out.  Bethy had also made boutonnieres for all the men and pretty coral and jade braclets for all the girls, it was a fun little surprise for all of us! My parent's anniversary is June 10th, so it was a nice summer evening and two sides of the restaurant are glass sliding doors that they had open to let in the warm summer breeze.  It was such a fun evening, it was fun being all together to celebrate my wonderful parents and everything that they had created in their 37 years of marriage, they are wonderful examples to all of their four daughters, I love them so much!

Lucky baby Thomas was the only child that got to come, he is such a cute happy baby!

The majority of the table ordered the delightful basil pasta for dinner, it was delectable.

They had very different, european style desserts. Above is a chocolate torte drizzled with olive oil and below is a spice filled pear torte with lemon whipped cream drizzled with honey.

I only had my phone on me that night so all the instagram pictures are mine, all the rest I got from Bethy!

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  1. That was a fun night! I love the close up you got of Thomas!