Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Magical Tangled Birthday

For Nora's 5th birthday she wanted a Tangled themed party and she sure got one.  Jenny did such a great job making it a magical party and incorporated a lot of things from the movie.  Nora got to dress up as rapunzel complete with the official dress and a beautiful long pin in blond braid, she looked just like her.


As with the other two Griffin kids bethy did a specail themed photo shoot with Nora so she could have all her special pictures displayed at the party.  Bethy did a great job they all turned out so well!  She also took all the pictures in this post, I forgot my camera so I borrowed all her pictures.

Sadie has found a new best friend in dad, she always seeks him out when he comes over

It was so fun to have the Burtons there!  They had just arrived that afternoon so it was all perfect timing!

One of the games was pin the nose on Flynn, it was a really funny game and all the kids thought it was so fun.

In round two you could draw your own nose to pin on.  Here are the ones that Evie and Will drew.

To end the night we had the kids do a pinata.  To tie it into the movie the kids hit it with a frying pan, Rapunzel's weapon of choice.  I have to admit, it definitel made it more intense for is adults but the kids loved all of the candy!

I got Nora a Tiana dress but it actually fit Evie better so she got to dress up to! haha

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