Thursday, November 10, 2011

De Deux Jours en Annecy

We spent another half day in Annecy, we just couldn't pull ourselves away from this cute little town.  We got yummy crepes for breakfast, I got the nutella and coco crepe, we weren't exactly sure what the coco was referring to so I took a little bit of a chance.  I was very pleasantly surprised when coco turned out to be coconut! It was an excellent way to start the day.

We walked up to The Château d'Annecy (Annecy Castle) which was the home of the Counts of Geneva (12th–16th century). Today, the restored castle houses the Art and History Conservatory of Annecy and the reginal offices of the Alpine Lakes.  We tried to go in but it was closed, :( it sounded like it has some pretty neat things inside. But it still has a pretty impressive exterior. 

After we found out the museum was closed we walked up to this beautiful church, I'm not exactly sure what the name of it is, but it is stunning nontheless.  Reminded Bethy and I of something you might find in Rivendale.

On our walk back down to town, you better believe we stopped to play with some adorable kitties that we found.  The black kitty on top of the car had the most unusual tail, it was permantantly curled in a spiral like a little piggys.  Then the grey kitty totally tried to steal my gold watch while I was petting it.  I have bethy as my witness that while I was stroking it's fluffy fur, its reached up with both paws and tried to pull my watch off, it was pretty funny.

Then we jumped on a train to Zurich!


  1. Kate, I want to be you all of the time! How do you get to travel so often? And your sister is a photographer right? Lucky you!

  2. I second everything that Camille said. How do you get to do all of this fantastic traveling?! (time and money!) I am envious. This place is beautiful. Your pictures are beautiful. I love it.

  3. you make everyone a europhile! and of course you guys found cats how surprising.