Monday, November 14, 2011

More Zurich Fun

The next part of our Zurich adventure was exploring and enjoying the beautiful lake front.  The fall leaves were in "full bloom" and were gorgeous!  Bethy and I couldn't resist, we had to play in the leaves for a little bit ...

Look very closely at this one ...

This picture is a little bit random but I found a holly bush! I have never seen holly "in the wild" it was a very pretty little holly bush.

After strolling along the peaceful water front, playing in some leaves and a little bird watching we found a park bench with a great view and sampled some of the sweet treats we had bought at Sprungli.  First, we tried numerous flavors of their famous macarons.  Of course they were all delcious, but my favorite flavors were champagne and raspberry

Our sweet view while we enjoyed our sweets
Then we busted out the Top Ten best chocolates that Sprungli sells.  We could only try a couple since our blood sugar levels were already pretty high.  But they were equally as wonderful.

Then we walked across town to their big shopping street to take a peek in some of sweet clothing stores such as Zara and H&M.  The walk there was very charming, the street pictured below reminded me very much of Diagon Alley or Hogsmede.  The flower shop on the corner had the most amazing and unique arrangments for fall, I love how all the floral shops incorporate very different plants and flowers into their creations. 

After shopping we dropped our large bags full of goodies off at the hotel and walked over to Octoberfest.  There is no need for any of you to worry, we did not partake in any of the activities, we just went to see what it was all about, enjoy the fun lively atmosphere, and take some good pictures.  Octoberfest lived up to all my expectations, people dressed up in lederhosen and direndls all over the place, fun music with everyone singing along at the top of their lungs, HUGE steins, just every little stereotypical thing was there, and it was great.

 Zurich is stunning at night, this was our view as we walked home to our hotel.

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