Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cuscotopia Parade

The second part of our tour of Cusco took us to the main plaza.  And lucky us, it was the day of the kindergarten parade!!!  So many adorable kids were all dressed up in different traditional costumes dancing and marching their little hearts out.  I would have loved to sit there all afternoon to watch them and document their amazing costumes and cute faces.  But we were in a hurry, we had places to be and things to see! So I snapped a few photos as we passed by.

After enjoying the parade for a little bit we took a tour of the Santo Domingo Cathedral, located in the main plaza.  It was absolutely exquisite inside.  Pictures were not allowed inside so my mom got these post cards of a couple of the alters.

The rest of the afternoon was free to do whatever we wanted.  We spent it shopping!!! Cusco has by far the largest selection of markets to buy typical Peruvian souvenirs.  They have a giant market that goes on forever and is filled with endless stalls of goods.  All three of us were able to find everything we had come to Peru looking for, I got a couple of table clothes, some stuffed llamas and a small, beautiful sunburst mirror.

Before we left the main square for the markets we had the opportunity to hold some baby llamas.  They were the cutest, most cuddly little guys I wanted to take one home so bad!

We were out shopping all afternoon and were exhausted by dinner time.  We chose to have a nice quiet dinner at the hotel.  Their restaurant is gorgeous and they have live music on the weekends. Last night they had a couple of opera singers come and sing some opera classics. Tonight we were serenaded with a classic guitar and flute duet, it was beautiful I love classic guitar.

These were our desserts, what a splendid presentation!  I got warm figs in a warm honey sauce served with vanilla bean ice cream, it was divine!

Here are a few shots of what our hotel looks like at night .  The city on the hillside is so beautiful all lit up at night.


  1. Wonderful pictures of the children! How did you ever get so many faces? We were always behind them! Loved this post! Wasn't the shopping fun?! Seeing that stack of tablecloths made me want to buy one in every was hard to choose. I think it would be fun to have a Mexican Ranchero in Ariz. and decorate it in the rustic stucco and log style with all these bright fabrics! It would have to have a fireplace and Eucalyptus wood to burn....

  2. Kate your photos of the children in the parade look like something from national geographic. They're quite visually stunning!