Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pottery and Pagents

Ok now back to our super event filled day in the Sacred Valley.  After our Shaman blessing we headed to the studio of world renowned ceramists, Pablo Seminario.  

Pablo Seminario is an oasis of tranquility named after the man of the same name, a softly spoken, grey haired ceramicist who set up a small ceramic workshop 32 years ago in Urubamba with his wife Marilu Behar. An architect by trade, Pablo had always been Interested in the different Peruvian cultures so he started learning about their different pottery techniques focusing particularly on the pre-colombian style in an attempt to preserve this ancient art and give it life in today´s modern world."

Pablo's studio really is such a beautiful place, a majority of it is out doors and is surrounded by gorgeous flowers.  Our tour followed the ceramic process, we saw how the clay is cut and molded into different products.  Then we got to see how they create the beautiful, hand painted patterns and we ended by meeting Pablo himself in his study! It was a fascinating tour.

The man himself.  He definitely looks the part of a creative genius. (And a little like a combination of Robert Deniro and Albert Einstein)  I love meeting with artists.  I love hearing their voices, watching their mannerisms and learning about their whole creative process.  I find artists to be such fascinating, unique people.

After our tour we were given time to shop in the expansive gift store.  I opted to stay out in the courtyard and watch the three young german shepherds play in the fountain.  So naughty .... 

Our day didn't end there either!  That night we were presented with the most wonderful production of tales from Peruvian folk lore.  It really was a fantastic presentation.  The costumes were gorgeous and so detailed and the four main characters were an stilts which gave them such a grand presence.

Prosperity! I told you he would be showing up again, this time he's life size!

And I am throwing in a picture of what we had for dinner that night, it was another wonderful buffet!  The number one question people have asked me about my trip is, what is the food like, what do they eat there.  Here is a picture of basically all the kinds of food we ate.  Lots of potatoes and quinoa, lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and salads and lots of freshly grilled meats.  Everything we ate was so fresh and clean.  Nothing is deep fried, nothing is smothered in buckets of sauce, or covered with pounds of melted cheese, everything is just fresh, grilled goodness.  I would love to eat like I did on this trip all of the time! It really was so wonderful (we ate multiple huge meals a day and I lost weight on this trip, that is basically unheard of on vacation!  Peruvians know how to eat!)

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  1. Fantastic pictures of the night show!!! So glad you could catch those clearly, they were such unusual and memorable costumes!