Thursday, May 8, 2014

Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Our second day was devoted entirely to the Natural History Museum.  These kind of museums are my jam, I am fascinated by everything in them and this one definitely did not disappoint!

The mammal and sea sections are always my favorite

The Hope Diamond!  We were all excited to see this after watching a documentary about it's history and legacy.  It is so gorgeous and sparkly in person.

The gem section was super interesting in this museum

Next up was close encounters with butterflies.  Thomas absolutely loved this part!

We were pretty much the last ones out of the museum, one security guard had a great time telling us about a football little league he was coaching while we waiting for our entire party to gather in the lobby.  When we got outside we were surprised to see the sun!  It was at that most perfect time of day when the light is golden and warm.  While we waited for Ricky to pick us up we had races up and down the national mall.

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  1. wonderful photographs of the amazing things in the museum! Great picture of the family on the Mall too. Loved this post! You do this so well!