Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hiking Mount Olympus

While the Burton's were in town, Karin and her two oldest boys wanted to do a big hike, Andrew and John chose Mt. Olympus.  Dad and I decided to join them on their  adventure.

We got a pretty early start.  The day was cool and super over cast, we couldn't see the top of the mountain for most of the hike.  We were wondering if we would even have a view when we reached the top!  The cool weather made the hike rather enjoyable!

As we climbed higher we entered into the cloud cover.  We were enveloped in wispy clouds, it was a pretty neat experience!

It seemed like it took us years to reach the saddle! I have hiked this mountain before, but for some reason this time it seemed like it was so much longer.. and harder ..  When we finally reached the saddle we stopped for a little rest and to have a picnic lunch.  Then we started the daunting task of bouldering to the very top of the mountain.

When we reached the top we had a couple of minutes of the spectacular view, then it was covered up with clouds.  Andrew and John are hiking all stars!  They beat everyone to the top!

Surrounded by clouds!

On our way down, the cloud cover burned off and was replaced by sunshine and beautiful blue sky!  We got our awesome views after all!

We celebrated our conquering of Mount Olympus with deliciously cold and refreshing slurpees!
I always love enjoying the beautiful outdoors, especially with my family!

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