Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Summer Camping

This past July I had the wonderful opportunity to go camping with some friends in the gorgeous American Fork Canyon.  We got to the campsite right as the sun was setting and started working on our deluxe tin foil dinners.  They.  Were.  Delicious!

Then, of course, we busted out all the s'more fixins and pounded back tons o sugar.

Gluten free snicker doodles, cherry cotton candy, roasted marshmallow s'more.

This was amazing.  It's a roasted marshmallow wrapped in cotton candy.  New campfire favorite.

Then we all headed to our tents for a good nights nap after all of our snacking.  I am so sad I didn't get a picture of the glorious tent and bed laura let me share with her.  It was an 8 man tent filled with space heaters and a queen sized blow up mattress.  Our bed was made up with layers upon layers of sheets, quilts and blankets topped with our unzipped sleeping bags as more blankets.  Laura had also placed hand and feet warmers under the blankets a few hours before so our sheets were heated when we tucked ourselves in!!!  This girl thinks of everything!  It was the best nights sleep I have ever had camping, I might even say it was more comfortable then my bed at home.  It was that amazing.

The next morning we woke up and laura made us the most delicious breakfast cassarole in the dutch oven.  It was divine.  Then we spent the day relaxing, reading magazines, chit chatting, snuggling the doggies and enjoying the peaceful quiet of the outdoors.  It was splendid.

It was a beautiful day to be up in the mountains!  We were planning on staying a few more nights but sadly our trip had to get cut short because of some crazy unforeseen circumstances.  I was hoping to get more pictures of the group and our amazing campsite over the next few days... but I'm glad we got to have our own fun night and day.  Thank you Angie and Laura for all of your amazing preparations to make our camping adventure so much fun!  I sure do love you guys!

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