Sunday, January 4, 2015

Carmel by the Sea

The next day we took a little day trip to Carmel.  We took the scenic route and went for a drive on the famous 17 mile drive.  We had breath taking views of the ocean the entire time.

We got out to enjoy the fresh sea mist air.  It has felt like ages since I have been close to the ocean and I was aching to get out and breath in that wonderful sea breeze, and to squish some sand between my toes.  I honestly could have stayed in that spot all day and been perfectly content.  We stopped right by a rock full of birds and sea lions and we could walk right down to the ocean.

Then we continued our drive to the charming little town of Carmel.  I have so many happy childhood memories of vacationing here with my family.  Carmel is one of my parents' favorite destinations for a relaxing getaway, so I remember coming here a few times as a child.  The small, picturesque streets are filled with art galleries, antique shops and fun boutiques.  

A trip to Carmel would be incomplete without a visit to the Tuck Box for lunch.  We always came here when we traveled as a family.  It is the cutest little restaurant, and their scones are some of the best things in the world. They are so delicious and are served with jam and whipped cream.

My dad wasn't hungry for lunch, so he set out to explore the art galleries while me and my mom headed for a mommy daughter lunch date.  It was absolute perfection.  We got a table on their outdoor patio, the sun was shinning, the sky was completely clear, it was the perfect temperature and our meal was delicious.  Such a fun memory to make with my sweet mom, I love her so much.

After our fun lunch date, we met up with my dad and we all strolled through some galleries, did a little shopping in some of the fun stores, then we headed back to Monterey.  My dad and I took a fun walk along the ocean to go to the cannery antique mall.  We both found some really fun souvenirs.  I got a vintage camera and a metal pirate ship!  Just look at the gorgeous views we had while walking to and from our hotel.  California is some sort of paradise.

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  1. Wish we there today! Wouldn't that sunshine feel good on your back? The coast near Carmel is so beautiful. It always cheers me to see its beauty. It is a place you can picture in your mind when you are stressed! Lovely pictures captured the feel of the area, could practically feel the cool sea breeze and hear the sea birds calling, above the roar of the waves as they hit the rocky coast.