Monday, January 12, 2015

Golden Birthday Extravaganza: Mickey's Halloween Party

From San Diego, we drove to Anaheim to spend a few days at Disneyland!  The main event of this birthday trip was to go to Mickey's Halloween Party dressed as Ariel and her sisters.  We had been planning our outfits for months.  Everyone chose a color scheme they wanted to work with, except for me since I was going as Ariel and she has pretty iconic colors.  It was so much fun to see what everyone came up with! All our costumes were different and we all wore different graphic T's, but they all had something to do with mermaids.  My costume consisted of a green sequin tail, a purple graphic T, the most amazing red wig I found on ebay and all my jewelry was under the sea themed!

We got together one night before the trip and made our shell crowns, they were so much fun to make and they turned out better then I even imagined!

We had so much fun spending the entire day together getting all dressed up as mermaids! Bethy flew in just for the party, I was so happy to have her there!  I am so glad she could work out a way to come with her super busy school schedule. Laura works all kinds of magic with make up, she seriously is such a pro. She was so sweet and did my stunning make up.  I have never worn such fun or intricate make up and I was so grateful for her to the the time to create such a fun look!  She has got some skills!

After my make up was done, Angie came and added all the embellishments.  Glitter, pearls, gems, and scales.  You can't see the scales very well in this picture but you can see them super well on the picture of Angie below.

Then it was time to get dressed up.  Bethy helped me pin my sequin tale in place.  Then I put on my crown and we were ready to go!

Yep this is a picture from home, in my dirty mirror with my chubby Louis in the background.  But this way you can see my sequin tail!

While we were making our crowns, we looked at a picture of Ariels sisters and picked out who everyone most resembled based on their color schemes.  Laura was Alana, Bethy was Attina, and Angie was Andrina.  

The park is all decked out for Halloween and the party.  Right when we got there, the Micky and friends parade was just stating, perfect timing!

Right after the parade it was time for Halloween themed fireworks at the castle!

I loved Angie's whole get up, I especially loved the way her tail turned out!

After the amazing firework show, we set off to ride some rides and go Trick or Treating!  That's right you can go trick or treating in Disneyland!  They give up treat bags at the gate, then you can visit the numerous trick or treating stands they have set up all over the park, it was a total blast!

After years of just barely missing it, I finally got to ride Space Mountain's Ghost Galaxy

As we were leaving they had a villains parade going on, it was super fun to see all the Disney villains you normally don't see in the park.

This was such a memorable evening, and a birthday celebration I will never forget.  Thank you forever to Laura, Angie and Bethy for being there with me and making my costume go beyond my wildest dreams!  I love you all with all my heart!

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