Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Family Halloween Party

I'm obviously still playing catch up, life has been busy, but in a good way.

I got to dress up as Ariel again! This time it was for our annual family halloween party hosted by the wonderful Griffin family.  I took a little different take on the famous redheaded mermaid for this party, just to mix things up and have some fun with it.  I found the perfect dress at the D.I. ...

I went as wedding day Ariel, because I wanted to wear a big fancy dress and wear a tiara.  It was a fun costume to put together and wear for the evening.  Bethy came as Merida from Brave and Jenny was Anna from Frozen.  So, without even coordinating it, we gave a shout out to the red headed Disney princesses.

Excuse the angle, but I wanted to show the amazing bead and sequin work on this dress.  I also discovered that huge puffed sleeves are not the most flattering look.... noted for my distant wedding day.

The entire Griffin family looked AMAZING in their Frozen get ups.  This was Dorie's first family halloween party, she came dressed as Sven.

As previously mentioned Bethy was Merida and Reece came as the ferocious Mor'du.

Dad came as Aladdin with his magic lamp, and mom came as the Halloween fairy.

Jenny always does such a great job with the menu, she comes up with fun and adorable things to serve every year.

For dessert Jens made a s'more casserole that was to die for!

I had hand carried a famous Disney caramel apple all the way from Disneyland to share with the family.  Evie was super excited to try it.

Happy belated Halloween!

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  1. What great pictures! Such a fun event, and you caught the spirit of it so well.