Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brunch at the Grand

One of my favorite holiday traditions is our family brunch at the Grand America Hotel.  My sweet grandmother treats all her Children, grand children and great-grand children to a Christmas brunch, the week after Christmas, so we can all get together and catch up.

I always love getting to see my cousin Brian.

After brunch we always take a tour of the Christmas windows and fill our their cute little passports to receive our free cookie at the end.  The windows are always so fun to see, they do a great job every year.  Now if only they would do candy windows like ZCMI did while we were growing up, that would be amazing!

James and I took like 5 pictures in this hallway and were photo bombed every single time and had no idea

 I could not resist getting some macrons from the magical bake shop in the Grand.  That green one is indeed covered in gold glitter.  MAGICAL.

I had a chubby cheeked thief steal my cookies before I could even take a bite ....

After I finally got my cookies back from sweet baby James, I had another blond haired bandit eyeing my bag of sweets.  I was nice and shared with him, I can never deny Thomas' sweet little face or high pitched voice.

The nephews got us all hooked on Trivia Crack and we all help each other try and guess the correct answers, With all of our combined interests, we are a pretty unbeatable team.  Beth, Andrew and John are good resources for science questions, Karin and I help with the art questions, I also help with the entertainment category. Mike and Dad are helpful with the sports questions, Mom is good with the history questions and Reece is just a fountain of knowledge and helped in every category and Ben is extremely good at making educated guesses.

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  1. loved this post and the humorous approach got me chuckling. Karin's little boys make everything fun. Wonderful pictures of the cousins!