Thursday, May 28, 2015

Evie's Lunch Lab Birthday

Evie turned 7 this past April and we couldn't wait to celebrate with her!  She chose Fizzy's Lunch Lab for the theme of her party.  Fizzy's is a PBS show that is all about cooking and eating healthy, I thought it was so cute that she chose that as her theme.  Jens did such a great job with all the fun cooking and fruit related decor!

The buffet was stunning!  It was jam packed full of all sorts of healthy options.  One of the episodes of Fizzy's Lunch Lab talks about how it is important to pick a variety of colors when eating fruits and vegetables,  Jenny made sure to have as many colors as possible in the buffet! 

Instead of birthday cake, Jenny thought it would be fun to serve fruit pizzas, since they are a healthier option.  They looked gorgeous!! And they tasted amazing!  I love fruit pizza, but hadn't had any in years, so I was looking forward to dessert all night!

Happy Happy birthday sweet Ev Bug!  We all love you so much!

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