Thursday, May 28, 2015

Visiting Arizona

This past March I had the opportunity to go visit my sister and her family in Gilbert, Arizona!  When we arrived there was a cute welcome sign waiting for us!  Karin always thinks of fun little details to make our stay at her house extra special.

On our first day in Arizona, I took the three youngest to the park while the others ran around town going to lessons and checking into hotels.  I had such a fun time playing with James on the swings while Thomas and Will built a sand castle.

Karin and the boys were so excited to take us to the Rock Shop.  It is such a magical place, they have stones, rocks and precious gems from all over the world.  I got some agate slices from Brazil and a quartz night light from Mexico.  We all found something fun to take home.

Here is a random assortment of pictures from our stay, we had so much fun!

Thomas asked to brush my hair every night, it was the cutest thing in the world.  He even got James to help a few times.

Making play dough for play group.

I had the memorable experience of taking family names to the Gilbert temple to do baptisms with Andrew and John.  The Gilbert temple is absolutely gorgeous, after the baptisms we walked around the grounds, to take it in all the beauty.

Bethy had mentioned that she thought it would be cute to have the boys draw a picture of her while she is pregnant.  I helped Thomas draw his picture, he asked, "what color of eyes does her have?" He also asked what color of hair she has, he wanted his portrait to be accurate.  

That night, Karin took us to a very special restaurant, Beaver Choice.  Don't let the name fool you, it's a fun and yummy place.  They serve Scandinavian, Canadian and American food.  Karin thought it would be fun to take the boys here for their first try of European food, we will be eating a lot of this kind of cuisine this summer!  I got Elk stew with lingon berry jam, it was really delicious. 

Will set up a hot dog stand in the kitchen and served us hot dogs throughout our stay.

The main reason for our visit was to see John perform with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony.  He has earned first chair, and did such a wonderful job.  His symphony played a Phantom of the Opera medley that was outstanding.

Before heading to the airport on our last day, we went out to brunch at the Gilbert House.  This place is super adorable, it reminded me so much of the South.

It was so much fun to spend some time with Karin and her boys in their "home town" of Arizona.  I desperately wish I could make it out there more often.  Thank you so much for such a fun stay Burton family!  I love you all to pieces!

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